Jimmy Butler is an All-Star swingman and he still plays for the Chicago Bulls despite unsubstantiated rumors that he was to be traded at the end of the season. Despite his team's disappointing and harrowing season record, Butler remains confident about his future and that of The Chicago Bulls. Butler has committed himself to ending the season "on a high note," (ESPN News, 2/24/17). Although he admits that he still may be traded, Butler remains "in high spirits right now," (ESPN News, 2/24/17). Butler described himself as having "practiced really well." He also shared with ESPN that he had "enjoyed" his break.

"Sixers" move rumor

Butler stayed with the Bulls despite ongoing rumors throughout the season that he might be traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, mainly because of the Chicago Bulls' "imploding" season. Although the Bulls did not trade Butler, they did trade Doug McDermott, forward Taj Gibson, and a 2018 second-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In return, the Bulls acquired Anthony Morrow, Joffrey Lauvergne and Cameron Payne.

Reality has not yet set in

Butler explained that he was finding it hard to believe that McDermott and Gibson are now his "enemies." However, Butler did clarify that he feels that once he has to "go up against" his one-time teammates that he will start believing that they no longer are his comrades.

It is at that point, that Butler, who is not only a great athlete, but a “leader of men,” will prevail upon his Chicago Bulls’ teammates that they must win, even when coming up against McDermott and Gibson. And best of all for Butler and the Bulls, they can be hopeful of not having another imploding season next year.

Not enough in return

John Paxson, executive vice president of the Chicago Bulls, explained that as he sees it, he would not get enough "in return" for any "potential deal" for Butler. Paxson also stated that he feels that the Bulls are "with' Butler, as opposed to being "around" him. Butler's response was that he doesn't "care if anyone wants to build around (him), just win," (ESPN News, 2/24/17).

Butler then became philosophical and stated, "You're built around; you're not built around." He then lamented that he just wants "to win at all costs." Leadership begins with a winning attitude and that is something of which Butler has an ample supply.