The Buffalo Bills are in a unique situation this season. They don't have much cap space to work with and a large portion of the roster will become free agents for 2017. Stephon Gilmore and Tyrod Taylor represent two of the biggest roster decisions that the Bills will have to make. Players like Zach Brown and Lorenzo Alexander, who had excellent one year stints with the team, will be looking for bigger and better deals. But even with all those questions, the Bills should still be looking at a few free agents in the offseason.

1. Tony Jefferson (Cardinals)

The Bills have gaps at the safety position that they need to fill. When Aaron Williams went down with an injury, Buffalo received unreliable play from their backups that was disastrous at times. Now that Williams may retire from football, the Bills will need to add a safety in the draft or free agency. Tony Jefferson would fit the mold of the quality safety that Buffalo is definitely looking for.

2. Zach Brown (Bills)

Buffalo might look at some other teams rosters for free agents, but they don't need to look any further than their own when it comes to the linebacker position. The Pro Bowl linebacker recorded the second most tackles in the NFL in his first year and was able to quickly adapt to a brand new roster after joining Buffalo.

It would be foolish to let him walk now.

3. Charles Johnson (Panthers)

The Panthers defensive end was once considered one of the most formidable defenders in the entire NFL. After two poor years, Johnson will become a Free Agent. It would only make sense for the former Panther to rejoin his old defensive coordinator in Buffalo.

And the price tag shouldn't be too expensive. To execute the scheme of McDermott effectively, it would be ideal for Buffalo to have at least one former Panther on the roster. Charles Johnson fits the bill perfectly.

The Bills might not have a lot of cap space, but they can't afford to ignore roster gaps and holes. Signing a few of these free agents and a few of their own players might not fill all the holes, but the 2017 NFL draft will be there to plug any remaining holes.