Adrian Peterson knows there are plenty of people who wish he would just hurry up and decide where he's going to play in 2017. The running back tweeted out a long post, essentially telling those people they need to calm down a little bit. It also appears his tweet was aimed at disputing the recent reports that he's asking for an exorbitant contract. The tweet comes as the market for Peterson appears to be heating up. While he had previously said there were three teams in the running for his services, the Green Bay Packers have recently admitted to having at least a little interest.

As always, it's still a matter of how much he's looking for, how much he has in the tank and whether the Packers are willing to pay his fee.

Adrian Peterson says It's not about the money

In the Saturday morning tweet, Peterson makes two things abundantly clear right off the bat. He isn't worried about not finding a team at all. That seems to make sense, considering there are suitors, including the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders who are at least kicking the tires. After reports that he was asking for as much as $8 million for this season, it appears he felt he needed to make sure people knew that wasn't necessarily true. He added it was like some of the analysts who were claiming he made those money demands they had actually talked to him and he wanted to make it clear they hadn't.

So where will Adrian Peterson land?

The one thing Adrian Peterson didn't do in his tweet, was make it anymore clear where he thinks he is going to sign. Despite rumors for weeks now that the Green Bay Packers could be a fit, there is plenty of pushback from the team's fans.

He once said he wanted to go to the Houston Texans, but it doesn't seem as if the interest is mutual there. The Oakland Raiders have been the team linked to Peterson the most but there's been no movement there either. It appears we really will have to take Adrian Peterson's post to heart. Everyone is going to have to show some patience. He's going to sign eventually.