The Vikings have chosen to release talented running back Adrian Peterson. The running back is getting older and Minnesota evidently doesn't believe that he can contribute as much to the team anymore. Or maybe Minnesota just has no faith in quarterback Sam Bradford. In any case, the Vikings will now be in the market for a young talented back now that Adrian Peterson is departing. Which teams will be interested in signing the veteran back?

New York Giants

The Giants really don't have any semblance of a running game. Reshad Jennings tries, but he just doesn't have the talent to run effectively on a consistent basis.

In Peterson, the Giants would receive a running back who has already proven that he can produce at a very high level. The only risks would be Peterson's age and injury concerns.

Detroit Lions

Detroit"s running game wasn't much better than that of the Giants in 2016. After Ameer Abdullah went down with an injury, the Lions turned to Theo Riddick to pick up the slack. He's a solid pass-catching back, but comes nowhere close to the talent level of a player like Peterson. Adrian would provide the Lions with a different type of presence that they have been sorely lacking and would also get two chances to play his former team every year.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have struggled with their normally stout running game recently, as Terrance West and Kenneth Dixon both performed at a highly inconsistent level in 2016.

The Ravens should be looking to add weapons to an offense that really struggled in 2016 and Adrian Peterson seems like a good fit for a team that has a defense as good as Baltimore's. Adrian Peterson would give the Ravens the type of bruising runner that they haven't had since Jamal Lewis.

New England Patriots

If Adrian Peterson wants a Super Bowl, he will probably take a discount to play for New England.

They are perennial contenders every season and Peterson would add another dimension to their already aging backfield. Fans know that Belichick loves bargain players, and Peterson might be willing to play at a cheap price if it means competing for a Super Bowl.