Before the 2016 season began, Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was hurt. It was a disappointment for fans who had seen Minnesota nearly pull off an upset against Seattle with Bridgewater at the helm in the previous year. Reports suggested that the injury was severe, but the true severity of the injury didn't come out for some time.

World without Teddy

As expected, Bridgewater missed the entire 2016 season with his injury. The Vikings had no choice but to make a move to stay in the playoff hunt. Minnesota traded a first round pick to the Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford, who led the team to a 5-0 start.

But the play of the defense eventually weakened and Sam Bradford and the Vikings offense weren't able to score enough points to supplant the amazing play of the defense.

Can Vikings be successful without Bridgewater?

The Vikings showed that they don't have to be reliant on any one player by releasing Adrian Peterson. The legendary talent was getting older and Minnesota recognized that he is no longer the essential cog that he once was. But Teddy Bridgewater was part of the young nucleus that helped Minnesota to the playoffs and the Vikings really do need him back. Bradford was a decent stopgap quarterback, but he's proven throughout his NFL career that he is virtually incapable of leading a team to the playoffs.

Alternative Options

If the Vikings decide that Bridgewater will be unable to come back after his injury, they will have to pursue alternative options at the position. Jimmy Garoppolo of the New England Patriots comes to mind as a potential option. Other options could include trades for players like Kirk Cousins, although he has mainly expressed an interest in playing only for the 49ers.

Buffalo's Tyrod Taylor is perhaps Bridgewater's closest comparable, as both are mobile quarterbacks with solid arms. The Vikings could also choose to draft a quarterback in a round of the 2017 NFL, providing increased competition to Sam Bradford and grooming a potential young star in the process.

In any case, Vikings fans would love to see Teddy return as quickly as possible. For now, fans will just have to wait and consider the alternatives.