The construction company 84 Lumber has released a commercial set to air for the upcoming Super Bowl telling the story of a family of Mexican immigrants.

The second half of the commercial can be seen this Sunday

This first half of the ad tells the story of a Mexican mother and daughter who are trying to leave their country of origin. The pair ventures through railroad tracks, forests, deserts, and even cities to get to their destination. To emphasize their Mexican roots, the girl collects scraps of material which she makes use of to create a Mexican flag, which she manages to stitch together by a campfire’s light.

The conclusion of the ad will air during the Super Bowl this Sunday, specifically during the half-time performance, and the company promises that it will be "content deemed too controversial for TV." It was later confirmed in a released statement from a spokesperson of the company that the ad, in full, is meant to reflect current events concerning immigration.

The ad was rejected once before on Fox for being too political

According to the company, the original version of the ad was actually rejected by Fox, the broadcaster that will be airing the upcoming game, due to its political nature. As Brunner CEO Michael Brunner explained at the time in a released statement, some of the imagery, such as a wall, reflecting President Donald Trump's plans to handle undocumented immigrants, was what was controversial.

Added to that, he also claimed that the commercial was intended to reflect the values of “people with grit, determination and heart” that the company respects.

Reportedly, the company did not want the full story to be unused, suggesting that this is why the ad is being released partially online and partially on television. While unconfirmed, the parts released online may have contained the imagery deemed too controversial. Alternatively, this may mean that an uncensored version of the commercial may be released to the public after the Super Bowl commercial airs.

A video of the released first half can be watched below: