michael vick was one of the most famous football players of the century. His exploits on the field were miraculous, while his behavior off the field was heinous and criminal, famously interrupting his NFL career. He made atonements for his actions, and while some chose not to forgive him, most will never forget him. On Friday, he called it a career while talking to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson.

A legend on the field

The Atlanta Falcons drafted Michael Vick out of Virginia Tech with the first pick of the 2001 NFL Draft; he instantly became one of the best players in the history of the franchise.

The quarterback had a strong arm and blazing speed, quickly becoming known as the fastest quarterback in league history. He took the Falcons to the playoffs twice and made three Pro Bowls with the team, while setting a record for most rushing yards in a season by a quarterback in 2006.

The rest of his career took him around the northeast United States. Vick played for the Philadelphia Eagles, where he made a fourth Pro Bowl, the New York Jets, and most recently, the Pittsburgh Steelers. He didn't get a contract for this past season, which spurned his retirement, but he does finish his career with the most rushing yards for a quarterback in NFL history.

A criminal off the field

He also finishes his career with one of the worst scandals in the recent history of the NFL.

Just as he was cementing his status as a legend in Atlanta, he got caught up in a dog fighting scandal that shook the league. In July 2007, he was indicted on federal felony charges and eventually sentenced to 21 months in prison. Vick suffered from bankruptcy and saw the near demise of his career, although to many, that paled in comparison to the dogs whose deaths he was responsible for, with details including the most inhumane of killings, from drownings to electrocution.

Where Vick will go from here is unclear. He started to rehabilitate his image by fighting politically on behalf of the ethical treatment of animals. He should continue to do that work in his post-playing career. For better or worse, nobody will ever forget the thrilling ride that was the NFL career of Michael Vick.