Police in Massachusetts have charged a man involved in an incident concerning a fire alarm within a hotel hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What happened at the Steelers’ hotel?

The man in question has been identified as Dennis Harrison, a 25-year-old resident of East Boston, who is believed to have inappropriately pulled a fire alarm in an airport hotel, the Hilton at Logan Airport, in Boston this Sunday morning. The event became buzz-worthy as the hotel had been hosting the Steelers before their game against the New England Patriots on Sunday night in the American Football Conference Championship.

The team was awakened by the alarm, although reports indicate that they were not evacuated, although some level evacuation had taken place during an investigation of the hotel by firefighters. NFL security officials were said to be staying at the same airport hotel and were on scene during the investigation.

The incident in question occurred close to four in the morning. The Boston Fire Department had later confirmed in a released statement that the fire alarm was a false alarm. The Gillette Stadium was later evacuated a few hours after the incident with the fire alarm, although any connection between the two events is currently unknown. The stadium was later cleared.

What will happen to Harrison?

Harrison has officially been charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and pulling a false fire alarm. According to police, he was not a guest at the hotel, and it is currently unknown why he was at the hotel to begin with, although he was found on the property when police arrested him, despite reports indicating him previously fleeing the scene.

Reportedly, he was released after being held on $100 bail. On the issue of a possible motive for pulling the fire alarm, police believe from evidence that Harrison was most likely attempting a prank.

According to sources, two accomplices were seen helping Harrison in a getaway car when he initially fled, although their whereabouts are currently unknown. Harrison of East Boston (and the subject of this story) should not be confused with Dennis Harrison Jr., an Ohio native and former football player, who, ironically, played in the NFL for ten seasons.