Widely regarded as the great player in history, Roger Federer stood close to this flattering attribute in Melbourne while marching to his 18th Grand Slam singles title. A solid 2-weeks performance ended in the best possible way- a colossal win over his long-time rival Rafael Nadal. Although it seems that we moved 10 years back, we`re still at the point where Federer, now at 35, casts the last remains of his greatness to the world.

The season of 2017 has its chance of becoming one of the greatest having Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray and others competing.

Still, the momentum is in Federer's yard as the Swiss rolled back successfully after a 6 months break.

Federer could win another Grand Slam

It's extraordinary how things changed over the last month. All those predictions and expectations made at the start of the season are far from happening. 2017 will not be a Murray vs. Djokovic act as most assumed. The old guard is back in town, and it's catching up fast.

By winning the Australian Open, Federer regained a spot in the top 10 ATP which can work as a solid foundation for the upcoming events. A good ranking will allow him to advance into the higher stages of the big tournaments without being forced to face top players on a daily basis.

Also, there is a matter of timing.

Last year, Djokovic lost his robotic rhythm following a long-yearned-for success at the French Open. That lack of motivation allowed Murray to accomplish that long-awaited goal of becoming the world no. 1. In 2017, the self-sufficiency state extended from Djokovic to Murray as the Scotsman failed to met the expectations.

In Melbourne, once the first two seeds were eliminated, it was the perfect chance for the younger ATP stars to make their move.

But none of them handled the opportunity.

And this is the definition of perfect timing for those who can build a masterpiece by simply carving out what appears to be a meaningless rock.

Federer's chance is Wimbledon or the US Open

It's unrealistic to speak about a solid run on the slower surfaces like clay, but Federer will have a real shot to win another Grand Slam on grass or hardcourt.

Judging by the fact that US Open is located deep in the 2nd part of the season, Wimbledon remains the best chance. The grass court is perfectly suited for Federer's tennis approach which means shorter points and less time spent on the tennis court.

In Melbourne, Federer's strategy was spectacular. Weaponizing his backhand was the winning ticket. All his opponents tried to play on Federer's left side, but instead of a sliced-defensive shot, they had to deal with impossible to counteract gusts of winners.