The Nebraska Football team won their first big battle on National Signing Day at 8:30 CST this morning. A defensive player that the 2017 class desperately needs had been looking at the possibility of going to either Louisville or Pittsburgh, but in the end, Guy Thomas decided his initial instinct was the right one.

Going with his gut

Guy Thomas had initially committed to the Nebraska football team back in August, despite the fact that he didn't see the campus until early January. That sort of thing can usually lead to a player visiting other places and wondering whether or not he made the right decision in the first place.

It appears he did indeed waver a bit, considering he came into Wednesday morning making it clear that the race had come down to three teams. Thomas was asked on Tuesday night where he was leaning, and he replied only that we would all find out "when I pick a hat off the table."

Drama intensifies

Originally, recruiting gurus all over the state of Nebraska thought that Thomas was going to be announcing his school choice at 6 AM. When that hour had come and gone, the talk was that he would likely be announcing closer to 7 AM. That hour also came and went and yet again, there was no word from Thomas. Then there was talk that the announcement had been moved back to 8 AM. With each hour the announcement was moved back, there were plenty who felt as though Thomas was changing the school he was going to.

And then his final announcement came and it turned out all the worry and dread ended up being for naught, at least as far as Nebraska football is concerned.

Such is the case when it comes to National Signing Day when the Huskers are going up against big schools in a battle for some of the best players. Guy Thomas got a lot of love and attention from both Louisville and Pittsburgh, having visited the Cardinals most recently.

In the end, it turns out that this young man stuck by his word and was simply making sure that that word was indeed the right one. It's going to be a long day, as several other battles will be waged, but the Huskers won at least one.