One of the Nebraska football team's top 2018 targets was on social media this week making it appear as though he has a big announcement coming in the very near future. The Husker target, who is also getting quite a bit of attention from schools like Ohio State, USC and Oklahoma took to twitter in order to make it clear he was going to "shock the world" in the coming days. The question on everyone's mind now is just how the defensive back is going to bring this shock and who exactly is going to be the direct beneficiary of it.

Is Woodbey Nebraska bound?

Jaiden Woodbey is one of those players the Nebraska football team is going hard after, despite the fact that the school might be a bit of a long shot when it comes to getting his services. This is why it's entirely possible an announcement that he is going to shock the world is that he is going to be picking NU over schools like the Buckeyes. Ohio State has certainly had a strong run over the last few years when it comes to getting players it has its eyes on. Of course, the Cornhuskers recently stole one recruit away from Urban Meyer and company this past recruiting cycle in the form of Tyjon Lindsey.

Could Woodbey be headed elsewhere

There is the chance that Jaiden is going to be shocking the world because he's not going to be announcing he's going to any of the schools that are currently the favorites to win his services. Rated as the 32nd overall player in 247Sports 2018 rankings, there isn't a school in the country who wouldn't be thrilled to get his services.

While Alabama and Washington are usually not considered underdogs when it comes to winning recruiting battles, neither schools are considered near the top of his favorites. Could he be announcing he's committing to one of those schools? The Nebraska football team, as well as the rest of the college football world should be finding out in the near future just what kind of shock and awe Jaiden Woodbey is going to be bringing. Until then all we can do is wait and watch.