Roman Reigns has been involved in some of the biggest WWE storylines for years now, but the majority of fans still can't stand him. No matter what he does, the fans just don't like him, but it hasn't always been that way. That being said, one has to wonder -- would you still hate Roman Reigns if The Shield hadn't split up?

The Shield may never reunite in WWE again

Despite coming together for a small instance during this year's "Survivor Series," it may be a long time until The Shield ever reunites. With Seth Rollins and Reigns on "Monday Night Raw," and Dean Ambrose on "SmackDown LIVE," there would need to be some wheeling and dealing done for a true reunion.

As it stands, Ambrose has been in the main event scene on Tuesday nights and is currently involved in a feud with The Miz for the Intercontinental Title.

Over on Mondays, Seth Rollins has long been a part of the main event scene and so has Reigns. Right now, Reigns has another shot at the WWE Universal Championship when he faces Kevin Owens at the "Royal Rumble" in a few weeks. There's a good chance he will be the top dog once again and that is without the other Hounds of Justice at his side.

WWE feeds on the fans' hatred

The majority of the fans may hate Roman Reigns and boo him at every single turn, but that only feeds into WWE's plans. The more the fans hate Reigns, the easier it is for the company to write new storylines and know what direction to go in.

All you have to do is look at John Cena and how he has become the face of WWE for the past decade. This is true despite more than half of the fans booing him and coming down on him every chance they get. Fans are going to tune in every single time they see Reigns in the main event and it has nothing to do with them liking him.

They can't stand him and will watch WWE's product to see if Reigns loses or is destroyed by someone else.

Roman Reigns isn't going away from WWE

No matter how much you hate him, he's here to stay and he will remain in the main event scene. Sure, WWE is being really smart by pairing him with Seth Rollins now and again because it gives fans hope.

It gives them the hope that The Shield will reunite.

The company knows that everyone wants the Hounds of Justice to come back together because that is when fans loved all three members. There was no reason to hate Reigns or Dean Ambrose or Rollins because they worked as a unit and were never a one-person spotlight.

Still, WWE isn't going to give away that reunion anytime soon because they want to hold off on it as long as possible. With that being said, they'll allow fans to keep hating Roman Reigns and allow them to wait on a reunion of The Shield because all that will do is increase their numbers.