With three weeks to go, there are only eight WWE superstars officially entered in the 2017 "Royal Rumble." 30 superstars in total will need to head out to the ring when their numbers are called, but when will we find out who they are? Rumor has it that a lot of new entrants will be revealed tonight on "Monday Night Raw."

There are always a number of surprises each and every year in the "Royal Rumble" match, but they usually don't amount to more than three or four. The rest of the match is made up of superstars from both of the major brands and sometimes, there are even names from NXT called up as well.

Tonight's 'Raw' could see many new entrants named

According to Cageside Seats, there are likely going to be "multiple additions" to the "Royal Rumble" match made tonight. One of the biggest things to remember is that The Undertaker is appearing on tonight's episode of "Raw" from New Orleans and some feel he could announce his intentions to enter the match.

If The Undertaker does officially enter the bout, he will be only the second member of Team Blue to join. A large number of superstars from "Monday Night Raw" could still throw their names in and likely will beginning as soon as tonight's episode.

Seven "Raw" superstars already in

The very first entrant into the 2017 "Royal Rumble" was none other than Goldberg.

After his victory at "Survivor Series" in late November, Goldberg announced his intention to enter the battle royal to see if he had one more title run in him. Shortly after that, his recent opponent also joined the match as Brock Lesnar made entrant number two.

Just last week on "Monday Night Raw," five more superstars from Team Red officially put their names into the big 30-superstar match.

The first to enter last week was the trio of members in The New Day. Later on in the evening, both Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman entered the match as well to bring the "Raw" total to seven.

Only one 'SmackDown' star has joined

As of this writing, only one superstar from "SmackDown LIVE" has officially entered the battle royal and that is Baron Corbin.

It was just this past Tuesday that he revealed he would join the match in three weeks and that he would win it as well.

Corbin's announcement came about during a segment with John Cena and WWE Champion AJ Styles. Corbin was pretty much letting both of them know that he would win the "Royal Rumble," and then come after whichever one of them held the title after their match. For now, "SmackDown LIVE" is lacking entrants, but that should change as this week goes on.