The Buffalo Bills chose to bench Tyrod Taylor in week 17 to avoid paying out a massive injury guarantee. E.J. Manuel started in place of Taylor and was nothing short of awful in his performance. Manuel finished 9/20 for 86 yards and lost a fumble in an audition for the rest of the league. His throws were inaccurate and the Bills trailed when E.J. was eventually benched for Bills rookie Cardale Jones. But that didn't stop Twitter from absolutely roasting E.J. Manuel for his poor play.

Twitter Takes E.J. Manuel Down.

The internet is a cruel place and Manuel wasn't spared from any criticism.

One Twitter user opened things up with a reference to a New Year's Eve performance that was less than stellar.

And Twitter users didn't stop there. E.J. Manuel's list of targeted receivers included the girlfriend of Manti Te'o.

How could she not catch that? The pass was right on target! There's just no way that throw wasn't good enough for a receiver to make that catch.

E.J. Gets Benched for Cardale Jones.

Manuel was so bad that the Buffalo Bills chose to replace him with Cardale Jones, who didn't fare much better in his debut. Manuel looked rather sad on the sideline when he realized that his career in the NFL could be over after a performance as bad as this win.

Doug Whaley might have thought that the Bills had a potential franchise quarterback in E.J.

Manuel, but this game proved otherwise. Whaley's own quote is being used against him by fans who are tired of missing the playoffs.

And the Bills should probably also consider giving up on Doug Whaley.

Just take a look at his draft selections over his general tenure as GM. How does this guy still have a job? The drafted players either play minimal roles or are no longer on the roster! It's time to start holding the man accountable for drafting players like E.J. Manuel in the first round. How can you keep a man with this thought process as GM?

If that wasn't bad enough, the Bills ended the game with a kickoff that might have been even worse than E.J. Manuel's entire performance.

I'll always be a Bills fan, but plays like this make me want to punch the TV when I am watching.

This 17 year playoff drought is getting old and I would do almost anything for a Bills playoff appearance. I don't even want a Super Bowl! Just one playoff appearance would be enough. But plays like that kickoff make me lose faith in the Buffalo Bills organization.