How many people would want another Pay-Per-View match between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz with the media frenzy advertising it as the great trilogy? Probably not too many, since everyone has been talking about a match between McGregor, and boxing great, Floyd Mayweather. A match that will probably never happen, according to Dana White. If McGregor could have his way, the fight would be happening in a matter of months. Now, it's possible Conor McGregor is going to start pushing for a third fight against Diaz even if that means it has to happen at 155 pounds.

Connor vs. Diaz

What has been touted as one of the greatest rivalries in UFC in recent memory, McGregor vs. Diaz left them with a 1-1 record in the welterweight category. Nate Diaz signed on to UFC 196 with just days notice and went on to defeat McGregor in the octagon by rear-naked choke at the 4:12 mark of the second round. In UFC 202, McGregor won by decision.

McGregor and Diaz have both discussed a possible third match, but since winning the UFC lightweight title, McGregor has decided to take a few months off from the UFC. ABC reported back in December 2016 that the UFC star filed for a boxing license in California, sparking rumors that he was getting things in order to fight Mayweather.

The video shocking the MMA world

Footage of Nate Diaz having a Facetime conversation with Floyd Mayweather has appeared and it has made its way to Conor McGregor. In the video, Mayweather and Diaz took shots at McGregor. According to Conor, that video was the final straw.

Over the weekend, McGregor held a Q&A session in Manchester and he used that opportunity to let everyone know just how he felt about Nate Diaz and the leaked video.

"Nate's a f***ing b**** and let me tell you why," McGregor started his statement. "I had the biggest respect for Nate," rattling on about how he still has respect for Nate because he is out doing his thing, but the moment Nate made that video call Nate ended up being Mayweather's "b****."

In the video you can hear the banter going back and forth between Mayweather and Diaz, Mayweather states "I think you won that second fight, too" and Diaz replies with "I think he's trying to hide from me now." The pair continues to take shots at McGregor.

We'll just have to grab the popcorn, sit back, and see what happens next.