Running in the men's200mtrack event for above-the-knee double amputees, a 14-year-old from South Africa was unlikely to be the top prediction to take a silver medal at the Rio Paralympics 2016. NtandoMahlangu who only learned to walk four years ago after having an operation to remove his legs came in second behind Richard Whitehead the defending champion.

Incredibly, Ntandohad a dream even though he had been wheelchair-bound most of his life as he was born with the condition known as hemimelia. When he was ten he told the Sowetan Live, "all I want to do is run in the Olympics and come out number one, just like Oscar; he inspires me,"

Mahlangu only learned to walk four years ago

When Oscar Pistorius was running in his last Olympics in the London event in 2012, young Ntando was busy just learning how to walk after being fitted with carbon-fibre cheetah blades through the Jumping Kids Prosthetic Fund and according to IOL South Africa, he very quickly learned to balance on his blades.

Ntando told IOL that he "loves to run," but does not feel the 200m race is his best event. He prefers to run the 400m distance. Nevertheless, his amazing performance bagged him not only a silver medal and chance to walk up onto a podiumbut also set a new South African record.

Flattered to be compared to Pistorius but wants to be his own man

While obvious comparisons are being made between Ntando and Oscar Pistorius, he made it very clear back in April that he does not want to be called the new Oscar Pistorius. IOL reported that this had nothing to do with the fact that Oscar killed someone, but that Ntando wants to be known as Ntandothe Star and for who he is. In their report, IOL said that he "is flattered to be compared to Pistorius - but insists he wants to be his own man one day."

Mahlangu shot into local fame when hetook four gold medals at the 2016 Nedbank National Championships for the Physically Disabled earlier this year and set a world record of53.19 seconds for the men's 400m race. South Africans have anotherOlympic hero this year. Both Mahlangu and Wayde Van Niekerk have done the country so very proud in 2016.