The Buffalo Bills haven't made the playoffs in sixteen years and fans are tired of waiting. This season, the Bills will try to make the playoffs despite several key suspensions and injuries. It will be an uphill climb in the first four games, as ESPN writer Mike Rodak has noted. But there's one expert writer who has plenty of faith in the Bills ability to win games this season. He was so confident that he actually predicted that the Bills would win their first ever Super Bowl in 2016.

SamMonson's Super Bowl prediction

It's a bit bold to even suggest that the Buffalo Bills are even capable of winning a Super Bowl.

Does Monson really think that a team with virtually no playoff experience will make it there and then take home the championship? What is his justification for such a claim?

You have to respect the audacity of someone like Monson at Pro Football Focus. They're all about the statistics and he's just going with a gut prediction about Super Bowl LI. He did give some justification in the form of a four game Tom Brady suspension, but Monson is clearly going out on a limb with his bold prediction.

Monson also suggested that Rex Ryan has a "magic" about him that will have the Bills believing in miracles.

And they're going to have to if they want to overcome significant injuries to their first two draft picks and suspensions to some of their key players. Monson is also a big believer in quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who is capable of making all the right decisions and making plays with his feet.

Las Vegas Super Bowl odds

If you're a fan of Monson's prediction, I highly suggest going down to Vegas and placing a bet on the Bills.

Currently the Bills are being bet in Vegas at 75:1. That means a $1 bet will win you a whopping $75 if Monson's prediction actually comes through. It's hard to believe that the Bills could actually win the Super Bowl, but it doesn't mean that they can't. And the odds are good enough for any ambitious Bills fan to make a bet on the team.

In any case, Dan Monson made a very bold choicewith his Super Bowl selection. If Rex Ryan can actually perform this miracle, all of Buffalo will rejoice and Dan Monson will laugh at all those who doubted him.