As Team USA improves to 3-0 in Olympic competition thus far, this latest win didn't exactly come in the same fashion as the previous two. Whether it was the opening game against the Chinese national team, or the previous game against Venezuela, both of those games were blowout, easy wins that looked more like a video game than reality. However, the reality of this last game against Australia is that, even though Team USA did eventually get the win, this was the first time in the competition that they were truly tested.

Familiar faces for Australia

For any fans of NBA Basketball, you're bound to recognize more than a few players for Australia. A few of the familiar faces include San Antonio Spur Patty Mills, former Cleveland Cavalier (and current Milwaukee Bucks) Point Guard Matthew Dellavedova, and former Golden State Warrior (and current Dallas Maverick) Andrew Bogut.

Patty Mills led the Aussies in what was essentially a flawless first half for the team. Shooting a combined 68 percent from the field, they also caused a lot of problems for Team USA early, including getting Sacramento King DeMarcus Cousins in foul trouble early. With a roster consisting of primarily bench players by NBA standards, the Aussies still managed an impressive showing, building 8 and 7 point leads in the first and second quarter respectively.

Team USA bounces back

Thanks to some clutch shooting late by Carmelo Anthony, Team USA was ultimately able to put the game away by the final score of 98-88. It's easy to see how a team stacked with so much talent would and could get complacent, knowing that at any point, they can shift gears and turn things on. While Team USA did ultimately get the win, this game just goes to show that even the best can be pushed to the limit.

It will be interesting to see if there is a re-match in the later medal rounds. As for Australia, even in a loss, they have to feel good about themselves and what they were able to do against what is, without a doubt, the best team in the world of basketball.