On Tuesday, Boston Red Sox management struck out the David “Papi” Ortiz Bobblehead giveaway at Fenway Park. The team made the move just before their game with the N.Y. Yankees.Management withheld the bobbleheads because they were racially insensitive. Based on several news sites, the bobblehead didn’t bother Ortiz.

He laughed and said he didn’t think it resembled him. Most likely, someone had to convince him to be offended. It's been a strange week for Boston and New York.

First, the "Scary Lucy" statue gets shuffled around at aNew York park because it's offensive and scares away children and puppies.

And now BDA Inc. has recalled theirracially insensitivebobbleheads that terrify no one other than the Boston Red Sox front office.

Big Papi bobbleheadconsidered too racist forfans

The bobblehead had large pink lips and a raised fist. Some reports saidit was a black power symbol. But the image came from Ortiz’s speech after the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. He spoke to the crowd at Fenway Park and raised his fist in support of America.

The bobblehead takeaway decision was unpopularbecause baseball fans love their bobbleheads. Since Ortiz will retire after the season, fans had a chance to collect a keepsake of the Boston fan favorite while he still played.

Critics said it didn’t look like Ortiz.

Someone must have forgotten that bobbleheads never resemble the intended person, which is part of the novelty. Here are several questions that should be asked.

Whathappened during the event planning for the special “Big Papi” bobblehead day?

Didn’t someone approve it before Tuesday’s game?

So why didn't management address the issue last week?

Did someone in marketing forget to examinethe collectible? Did these same people also cancel the Hall of Fame game last Sunday?

Thankfully, all is well in Boston. By showing their ticket stubs, the 15,000 fans with bobblehead envy will receive a non-racist version. So what happens to the thousands that didn’t make it to the fans? Do they send them to some disadvantaged company like last year’s Carolina Panthers Superbowl winner hats?