More of the same for Team USA

On the one hand, that more of the same has led USA Men's Basketball to another victory, putting them at 5-0 so far in Rio Olympic competition in their latest win against the French national team. On the other hand, however, that more of the same also means yet another game that came down to the wire that, on paper, Team USA should have won handily.

Ultimately, there are two scenarios at play here. Either you're frustrated that a team of this caliber talent is giving inferior teams a pass by not putting games away early (which they are more than capable of doing), or, as a fan of the game of basketball, you're excited to watch these extra layers of drama unfold and you're excited also by the fact that every game is not essentially a blowout.

Both ends of the basketball court would be sufficient, as there is no right or wrong answer here. There's no question that Team USA has made these last three games more difficult on themselves than they've had to be, but, having said that, can you really complain about close, competitive basketball when you're given the chance to watch it?

Team USA tops France with 100-97 victory

The French national team certainly deserves some credit. With the global game that the NBA has become, it's not uncommon to see top tier international talent playing for both the NBA and representing their home country teams in FIBA and Olympic competition. With players like Boris Diaw, Rudy Gobert, and Nicolas Batum, the French national team is no slouch, and, in a game that once again came down to the wire (much like the previous contest when team USA faced Serbia), the French gave the Americans all they could handle in what was yet another close game.

Thompson lifts Team USA in close game

The solo Splash Brother put up a game-high 30 points in the contest, and shot 7-13 from beyond the arc. Newly acquired and fellow Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant added 17 points of his own. While Team USA once again got the win in the end, if this is a sign of what's to come in the later rounds of the tournament, Team USA may have their work cut out for them if they don't find a sense of collective cohesion as a team moving forward.