Hope Solo just got suspended for six months by U.S. Soccer. The move comes after the American goalie made some questionable comments after a loss against Sweden. She called the Swedish team "cowards" for refusing to play in an aggressive manner and dragging out the game to penalty kicks.But Hope Solo wasn't interested in staying silent after the suspension was announced. Instead, she posted the following statement in response to her ridiculous suspension.

Hope Solo's reaction

Any fan of the U.S.

women's soccer team knows that Hope Solo has sacrificed everything and trained extremely hard to get to the point where she is now. That passion and anger comes out in her short letter to the federation. Her unrelenting passion has been a part of her game since the beginning. And that emotion came out when she criticized the Swedish team. But now she is facing a ridiculous punishment for one simple statement.

Twitter reactions

Twitter was understandably furious with the punishment handed down from the U.S. soccer federation. It seems particularly harsh when you compare her punishment to Ryan Lochte's, who skated free after lying about a robbery.

And Hope Solo didn't even indulge in any indecent exposure!

All she did was say a few incendiary words like NFL star Josh Norman! And I don't see him getting suspendedby anyone! At this point, it's fair to question the severity of the punishment handed down.

We can even compare Hope Solo's punishment to some of the ones handed to NFL stars guilty of domestic violence.

Noted abuser Ray Rice was suspended for just two weeks when he slapped his wife in the elevator.

That's even less than a month! Why should Hope Solo be suspended for 12 times as long? Twitter agrees that Hope Solo's suspension is completely ridiculous.


The fact that Hope Solo had her contract terminated is even more ridiculous. At this point, the American goaliecould easily sue the soccer federation for a wrongful suspension. And I have a feeling that she would garner plenty of support among her fans.

Hereis the statement from the federation that Solo would have to battle in the courtroom:

Unfortunately, the appropriate disciplinary action was not a suspension that would last six months.

That duration is absurdly long for an Olympian who only said a few choice words. Her actions didn't hurt anybody in the way that Ryan Lochte did and she was simply upset that the U.S. lost their Olympic soccer game. The U.S. soccer president should apologizefor dishing out an incorrect punishment and correct the mistake by completely eliminating her suspension.