Perhaps the most iconic figure in Tennis history, Roger Federer has had a hellish 2016. With injuries that kept piling up and few ATP tournaments played he was ultimately forced to withdrew from what`s left to be played in 2016. His biggest hopes and dreams for 2016 were firmly tied up with the Olympics in Rio which Federer also was coerced to call off. It`s been almost a month since he made that unfortunate announcement on his social media sites in which he officially withdrew from the ATP World Tour. As shocking as it was, that announcement gave also some hope for the future.

Federer`s statement was nothing more than a resume of his personality with the wordbalancedas the main characteristic. Moreover, his motivation remains untainted with Federer being reassuring about his future as a professional tennis player.

A disastrousseason is not enough to stop him

Any other tennis player in his shoes would seriously consider pulling the plug. The 2016 season was disastrous on so many levels. As the injuries popped up so the inactivity timeframe grew larger, making holes in his morale, yield, pace and so on. Despite being crippled by all these unfortunate events, Federer was able to reach twoGrand Slam semis at the Australian Open and Wimbledon. By his standards, those were poor results but they stood as proof that he remains a skillfuland motivated player despite his injuries.

In order to compare his results in 2016 and no ATP title in the regular season, you need to go way back in the past to around the early 2000's.

Ageing seems an easy challenge for Federer

Despite his age, Roger Federer is willing to stick around for a bit longer. Last month's statement acts like a solid basis on which high hopes can be built upon.

Federer still has the motivational trigger to keep on playing tennis. It is strongly related to his special bond with tennis. With his giant showcase, the difference can`t be made with an extra ATP title. That special bond is the propeller. The17 times Grand Slam winner might be back on the tenniscourt in January 2017. Whether it`s going to be Sydney or Melbourne, Federer`s return to the ATP Tour will be the hottestspot on the map.