The Summer Olympicsedition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is set to take place this year. Although many athletes are eager to make the most of their efforts over the last years by making a lasting impression in the Olympics and winning some medals, there was a lot of controversy around the Zika outbreaktransmitted by mosquitoes. Thus, many experts recommended that the Summer Olympics edition in Rio be canceled or held in another country, away from the epidemic.

”The Rio Games ought to be deferred. The Games are important, but they are games and that’s not as important as a major health problem," stated Arthur Caplan from the New York University Medical Center.

According to Reuters, the United States Olympic Committee issued a statement showing that the athletes who qualified for the Olympics should not participate in the competition set for August.

Brazil has everything to lose should some athletes refuse to compete in the Olympics

It seems that Brazil is in for some bad luck. A few years ago when Brazil won the right to organize the Olympics, it came across many controversies and inside criticism. The Brazilian economy suffered over the last years, and so many viewed the Olympics as a waste of money. The hope of the Brazilian administration lies in the presence of a large number of tourists in August.

According to the estimations, over 400,000 tourists are expected to come to Brazil in August to witness the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Until now, the Zika virus was reported in as many as 33 countries. There is unfortunately no vaccine against the virus. The World Health Organization estimated that an antivirus will be available in about two years.

In these circumstances it remains to be seen how the situation will evolve. It would be a real shock to the spirit of the Olympics if the US as well as other countries refused to participate in the Olympic competitions.A possible cancellation of the Olympic Games would be something unique. Only during the two World Warshave the games ever been cancelled.