The morning light greets “The Good Doctor” (Freddie Highmore) and Lea (Paige Spara) as the two try to start their day in the spirit of Namaste in this week's November 23 Episode 4 of Season 4, “Not the Same.” The Zen mood doesn't last long for Shaun. He springs into his “ready for work” routine as soon as his timer dings.

He does, however, take time to tell Lea that she should move in again. She explains that this time, she's going to need “a bit more” when it comes to trust and commitment. Living as a couple is far different than their former roommate situation, even if Shaun doesn't see it.

He offers his own olive branch, whispering his banking password to his lady love. Life at the hospital has its own new responsibilities for “The Good Doctor,” and they demand an entirely new kind of aptitude for the brilliant surgeon.

The junior residents are willing but not so ready for ‘The Good Doctor’

The storylines and character interplay grow exponentially for “The Good Doctor” this season, with the arrival of the four first-year residents. Shaun Murphy is going to be challenged beyond his own sphere of relationships and skills in honing communication. He must now interpret the unspoken needs and emotions of students he's never known before. Beyond that challenge, he is the one responsible for their training.

If they fail, lives are lost.

In this episode, more layers are peeled back for Dr. Enrique Guerin (Brian Marc) and Dr. Asher Wolke (Noah Galvin). “Ricky” has conformed to appropriate attire in long pants and asks his colleague with Hasidic Jew roots how his family feels about his profession. Wolke responds that he hasn't had contact with anyone other than a sister in four years.

Guerin gives a brief story of his immigrant father, who cared deeply about “teeth and taxes.” Even though his dad dreamed he would be selling condos in real estate, Ricky reflected on how his regular habits of paying quarterly and flossing regularly were rituals he could never forsake. Based on history, he presumed that Asher's underlying fear is always “fire and brimstone” a.k.a.

disaster. Dr. Wolke reminds him that the phrase comes from the New Testament in their exchange on “The Good Doctor.”

The Good Doctor” has his work cut out for him with his two residents, Dr. Jordan Allen (Bria Henderson) and Dr. Olivia Jackson (Summer Brown). Even though Shaun shares the opinion of Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) that both are gifted, he also observes that Jordan “talks too much and Olivia doesn't talk enough.” Andrews reminds Dr. Murphy to devote extra time to Dr. Jackson, reminding him of the help that Dr. Glassman gave to him as a beginning resident. At the same time, “The Good Doctor” grapples with wanting to be fair to both beginners. He goes to Glassman (Richard Schiff) with questions that go back to the beginning of their relationship after Olivia mistakenly offers a “pusher rod” rather than a “rocket catheter” to Andrews.

It was very affirming just to see the banter between Richard Schiff and his castmate. Schiff was released from the hospital, per Deadline via MSN on November 20, but still is recovering. The mentor guides his prodigy to ask how his residents are feeling and allow them to talk. He reminds “The Good Doctor” that he doesn't always have to care about those feelings, but it does help to listen.

The surgery was a matter of life and death to a young mother (Jasmine Ashanti) of sons. One is weaker than the other and the differing Rh factors, between mother and child, necessitate that the stronger son is delivered early. Initially, Dr. Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann), still no longer a surgical resident, proposes that the stronger baby should be the one to survive, but Dr.

Jackson knows that no mother can bear to make the choice to let one son die and allow the other to live. Dr. Murphy proposes a delayed interval delivery on the slim chance of saving both babies.

A good number of fans are concerned about the fact that Lea didn't respond with “I love you, too,” to Shaun in Episode 3, as noted by Good Housekeeping per MSN on November 24. Still, more fans are worried about the choices Morgan is making in regard to just about everyone she works with on “The Good Doctor,” as confirmed in Cinema Blend on November 23 Dr. Park, the most fair-minded and even-tempered presence at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital attempts to befriend Morgan, mentioning her recent traumas.

She literally gives another of her snarky, “boo-hoo” retorts, and Park says he's sorry he asked.

Later, however, Morgan meets up with him in the parking garage. He tells her that his divorce was finalized that day. Even though the fact was a long time in coming, it still hurts “and I'm telling the coldest person I know,” he admits. Dr. Reznick offers her spare room “with an on-suite.” “I'm okay,” Park tells her before driving away. More is to come about these developments in “The Good Doctor.”

Compassion and context come together for ‘The Good Doctor’

Shaun does devote further time to Dr. Jackson in the surgical lab and she shows him that she knows exactly where the jugular vein is located, and how to run a PICC line perfectly for a patient.

She asks “The Good Doctor” if he got nervous doing any procedures for the first time. Naturally, he said, “No.”

Lea also got a negative response from Shaun when she came to work to do yoga. “Home behavior is different from work behavior,” he cautioned. “See, context does matter,” she offered, trying to drive home her point. She returns later to tell Shaun that she thinks that the two of them living together is inevitable even if she's not sure they have the trust and commitment necessary. The contented smile returns to the face of “The Good Doctor.”

Dr. Claire Brown (Antonia Thomas) and her residents can't find any hint of negativity in their patient, Billy (Adam Beach). What began as a diagnosis of an ingrown hair turned out to be a malignant melanoma, which progressed into a septic condition after an allergic reaction to dye during the procedure.

Billy’s light in life was his wife, who died from cancer three years earlier. When he had a flat tire on their second date, you made a joke that at least Cosco had a sale on tires. When Dr. Park was late for his consultation, “The Good Doctor” character was never insulted. Instead, he offered the doctor a special deal from a friend for auto service. Car trouble was Park’s excuse for being late.

When Dr. Brown told Billy that a septic infection could take his life overnight, his response was one of grace and peace. He related how he wanted to shoot himself after the death of his wife. On his way home with the gun, he stopped to help some young drivers with a flat. He felt his wife asking “Who's going to change the next flat?” if not for him.

That divine intervention set Billy on a positive path for living. He had a reason for getting up every morning, and to be at peace if the day was his last. Fortunately, Billy did wake up in the morning, making this another installment of “The Good Doctor” one to remember among TV Shows.

Olivia Jackson had her moment of memories with “The Good Doctor,” too. She sensed the deeper question in his “How are you feeling?” and related her fears of every “first time” experience ever since fifth grade. Dr. Murphy was overwhelmed with overseeing two of his junior residents at once while his pregnant patient was having contractions, and he told them so. Dr. Allen responded that “I just want you to have my a@@” in the crisis.

Dr. Jackson, meanwhile, distracted the terrified mother with meaningless questions about favorite songs on board games, long enough to let the drugs and the doctors do their best. Her contractions stopped. The next scene depicts the mother touching her son delivered early in his incubator, as she cradles the brother still inside her.

Dr. Murphy gives a detailed report of what Dr. Jackson did right and what Dr. Allen did wrong, assuring that he did have the anatomy she requested. Dr. Jackson has the dubious burden of being Dr. Andrews’ niece, which Dr. Murphy also discovered. The reserved resident is proud to be among the chosen four but declined any further advantage from her family relation.

Two roommates arrive on ‘The Good Doctor’

As Lea finds the perfect spot to place the prized keepsake baseball on “The Good Doctor,” she tells Shaun how it “feels like home.” The two seal the relocation with a kiss. Creator David Shore urges fans that Season 4 will challenge this pair like never before. The question is not whether “he likes me” or “Am I a boyfriend?” It's “Can I make it in a relationship”? For these partners, that's a very big ask.

The doorbell rings at Morgan's condo before the credits roll. Dr. Park stands at the door, suitcases and all. “Do you have a new wardrobe line?” he questions. “The one that says ‘I've given up on everything.’” Quick as ever on the comeback, she remarks “When I said there was an on-suite, it means there's a trashcan in the closet.” This new relationship is off to the races as the credits roll. It could be one of the most refreshing and surprising new interests on “The Good Doctor.”