Over the past few months, fans have been following “90 Day Fiancé” star Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee’s crumbling marriage. The couple’s marital problems have spilled over onto social media, and Deavan recently revealed that she had moved on from Jihoon. Fans were left scratching their heads when they learned about Deavan’s new relationship, and they accused the American reality star of hastily moving on from her marriage to Jihoon. However, some disturbing details have emerged which could explain why Deavan decided to break up with her Korean husband.

Deavan makes child abuse allegations against Jihoon

According to “90 Day Fiancé” blogger, John Yates, Deavan and Jihoon will not participate in the eagerly awaited Tell All episodes due to some controversial child abuse allegations. TLC has banned the couple from participating in the season-ending episodes after the American accused Jihoon of abusing her five-year-old daughter, Drascilla. The shocking accusations are under investigation, but TLC is supposedly uncomfortable with the idea of having Jihoon and Deavan participate in the Tell All before the situation is resolved.

Jihoon has allegedly refused to sign his divorce papers

The latest twist in Deavan and Jihoon’s relationship will come as a shock to many “90 Day Fiancé” viewers.

In a past Instagram post, Deavan had promised to confront the Korean over their troubled marriage. However, fans could now miss the opportunity to get more information on the reasons for the breakup. Clegg recently claimed that she had initiated divorce proceedings against Jihoon, but he had refused to sign the divorce papers.

After learning about Deavan’s child abuse allegations, fans will now have to reconsider their positions in the ongoing feud between the two reality stars.

90 Day Fiancé” viewers had earlier expressed their support for the Korean reality star when he confirmed his separation from Deavan. The Korean reality star claimed that his wife had cheated on him by dating another man even though he had not signed any divorce papers.

Jihoon declared that he did not want his son, Taeyang, to have another father. However, he will have to defend his reputation from Deavan’s child abuse accusations. During a scene on the ongoing season of “The Other Way”, Deavan and Jihoon had an intense argument after Drascilla ran onto a busy street under Jihoon’s watch.

Deavan accused Jihoon of being a bad father, and she has now made some serious assertions against her husband’s character. It will be interesting to see whether the Korean will address his wife’s controversial allegations on Instagram. Unfortunately for fans, the ongoing drama between Deavan and Jihoon will not be resolved on the upcoming Tell All episodes. If Deavan can prove her claims, Jihoon could be in a lot of legal trouble. Also in the upcoming episode, fans will see Jess arguing with Colt and calling him Liar.