Annie Suwan is taking on her haters. The popular reality star recently came under scrutiny after a section of “90 Day Fiancé” viewers accused her of lying about her age. The fans felt that Annie had undergone several cosmetic procedures to look younger. However, it appears that Annie has had enough of the criticism, and she recently took to Instagram to slam the fans for questioning her age.

Annie claps back at her haters

In her latest Instagram post, Annie shared a picture of herself with another younger woman. Annie claimed that the woman was her youngest friend.

In an attempt to prove her critics wrong, the Thailand reality star revealed that her friend was 18-years old, and she asked fans to compare their appearances. Annie insisted that even though she was ten years older, she did not see a huge contrast between her appearance and that of her younger acquaintance. Some of Annie’s followers agreed with her, and they posted some positive comments praising the popular reality star for her youthful looks. However, Annie’s attempts to justify her age did not impress her critics.

Fans accuse Annie of taking advantage of David

According to a section of fans, Annie’s latest post proves that she has something to hide. The fans have pointed to Annie’s decision to undergo eyelid surgery last year as proof that she was trying to look younger.

The fans have also accused Annie of trying to look less Asian by making her eyelids wider. In addition to her eyelid surgery, fans suspect that Annie recently underwent a nose job operation. However, the Thai reality star has not revealed any details about her alleged nose job surgery, but her critics feel that she has been taking advantage of her husband’s newfound financial stability.

Over the past few months, Annie and her partner, David Toborowsky, have entertained fans with their funny Instagram posts. The couple appears to be financially stable. The couple has a 20-year age difference. It will be interesting to see how Annie responds to her haters. In her latest Instagram posts, the Thailand reality star promised fans that she would release more evidence to prove her critics wrong.

Annie’s supporters have praised her for standing up for herself. Annie has always been popular with fans due to her fun-loving personality, but she has proved that she is not afraid to speak her mind and respond to Internet trolls. After seeing Annie’s new and aggressive attitude, “90 Day Fiancé” viewers are already looking forward to her next Instagram post.