Comic superstar Amy Schumer and her James Beard award-winning chef and husband, Chris Fischer are not waiting for quarantine days to end to carry on with life. The doting parents are delighting in the extended time with their 15-month-old son, Gene David. As far as seeing anyone else, well, Amy Schumer puts it candidly with her own comic sensibility, “I like not seeing anyone at all,” she muses. “Maybe I'll live like this forever,” she pondered aloud to Willie Geist on “Sunday Today” and to Yahoo for August 16.

Chris Fischer and Amy Schumer also made an exception to their newfound policy of avoiding company on “CBS This Morning” today, August 18, when the morning show’s co-anchor, Gayle King, wanted to have a visit and celebrate the Emmy honors for the pair’s home-based cooking show, “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook.” Let's just say that formal attire was not required.

Gayle King confirmed the wedding plans for Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

This morning’s profile began with a peek from the documentary, “Expecting Amy.” The overjoyed expectant mother melts into the arms of the Chris Fischer, announcing: “It's gonna be a boy,” before the tender embrace.

No one loves her real-life love story more than Gayle King and no one is more hilarious with brutal honesty in her standup routines than Amy Schumer. There was no stage this morning, though, as Gayle wanted to reminisce about running into Amy at a party and hearing the news that she would be marrying Chris the next week.. The funny lady was snugly in bed as the conversation started, and Chris Fischer moseyed in on the left side of the frame fairly soon.

Gayle King playfully asked: “Is this the marital bed?” teasing the couple. “Yes, this is where the magic doesn't happen,” Amy Schumer replied. The morning host recalled introducing herself to Chris Fischer at the get-together before asking if he was indeed “that guy” who would become Amy Schumer's groom. The rest has become a tasty and romantic history.

‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’ is truly an in-house production

The second season of “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook” began this week on the Food Network, and a huge component of the fan-appeal in the endeavor is the constant banter and completely unaffected demeanor of its stars.

In a snippet shown for “CBS This Morning,” Amy is slicing fruit for a piña colada as she relates the story of having her first piña colada on a cruise with her grandparents.

Chris is lying on the floor, interjecting “Tell them where you were!” and other interruptions. Minor tiffs often arise, such as Amy Schumer asking her husband if he's going to talk about fennel, his favorite herb, in every episode. It resembles the modern Ricky and Lucy of cooking TV Shows.

The couple’s nanny, Jane, captures all the impromptu escapades, including sweet moments with Gene as a taste-tester. The episodes are usually filmed while is down for his nap.

Amy Schumer shares the credit for the Emmy nod with Jane, but she shared on her “Sunday Today” segment that she didn't want her super-talented assistant “to go changing on us.” “She's already a household name in the Philippines,” Schumer praised.

As far as the show's content, Chris Fischer credits that his wife handles that department. She decides what she wants to make,” the chef insists, “and I come up with the recipe.” Unlike some broadcast cooking shows, nothing goes to waste, “because sooner or later we have to eat.” Millions of viewers thrive on the show because of that same reality. They love seeing what Chris and Amy will conjure up for their table in every episode.

A second child will come later for Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

Amy Schumer fully realizes that she has a “privilege” in being able to share this period of family time while so many families are struggling under the consequences of the global pandemic. Her journey to motherhood was extremely difficult on her body.

She didn't share much in the ordeal on her 60 dates in 42 days of her “Growing” comedy tour. She understands the pressure women feel to “do your job” during pregnancy, even on the days when mom can't keep anything down, as Schumer knows well.

The “Trainwreck” creator and star will likely never put her body through such a strenuous ordeal again. Her struggles through IVF have led the working mother to the conclusion that “I can't be pregnant ever again.” She and Chris Fischer have considered surrogate options, but those plans don't have to be decided anytime in the near future. Chris Fischer's candor about being on the autism spectrum has made him a mentor to many young people in the same situation.

Cooking can become an open-ended canvas for anyone, and the starting point can come at any time in life.

Whether on the stage, the screen, or in their home kitchen, Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer are content and still coming up with goodies to savor.