"90 Day Fiancé" stars Paul Staehle and Karine were involved in a huge fight last week, and they will likely head to court after Karine accused her husband of abuse. After their domestic squabble, the Brazilian reality star filed an incriminatory police report. Following the allegations leveled against him by his wife, Paul recently posted a video showing how the police handled their dispute when they arrived at the couple’s home

Paul released video

In the video, a police officer calmly enquired whether there had been any violence during Karine and Paul’s confrontation.

According to Paul, he did not assault his wife during their argument, and the police officers did not find any evidence to suggest that he had hit Karine. The American reality star has, however, claimed that he has video evidence which proves that Karine shoved him to the ground during the altercation. Paul has also insinuated that his wife did not file the police report that accused him of assault. The 35-year-old has shared screenshots of Karine’s alleged handwriting, and he has told fans that the handwriting in the police report doesn’t match his wife’s actual writing style.

However, Karine recently issued a statement denying Paul’s allegations.

The Brazilian reality star acknowledged that she had not written the report, but she explained that she had enlisted the help of a translator, who wrote the report on her behalf. Karine has stood by her allegations about Paul’s abuse towards her, and she has told fans that the matter will be settled in court. The 23-year-old reality star has also cast doubt over her future with Paul saying that their marriage is broken, and she does not know whether they can fix it.

Legal battle begins for '90 Day Fiance' couple

Even though the couple’s dispute has yet to be prosecuted in the courts, many "90 Day Fiancé" fans feel that Paul will end up in jail. The American reality star served a brief prison sentence in 2014 after the courts convicted him of arson. Paul is alleged to have burned his personal property in an attempt to defraud an insurance company.

The television personality hid his criminal past from Karine when they started dating in the first season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." Paul eventually opened up about his criminal past after his probation period ended in April this year. Even though Karine forgave him for keeping the secret, it seems like she will have to reconsider her decision after their recent dispute. Fans will have to tune in to the remaining episodes of "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After" to find out how the drama between Karine and Paul unfolds.