"90 Day Fiancé" fans have been keenly following Paul Staehle and Karine Martin’s strained relationship. The two reality stars are currently estranged after they had an intense fight last month. Over the past few weeks, Karine and Paul have traded some grave accusations, and many fans feel that the couple will have to settle their marital dispute in a court of law. However, their domestic argument could turn into a criminal court case after some leaked legal documents revealed that Paul had accused his wife of attempted murder. Notably, Karine allegedly fled to Brazil but if she was found guilty for trying to kill Paul, she could be extradited to the US.

Paul's disturbing claims

In some shocking revelations, Paul told the court that Karine had put broken pieces of glass in his food in an attempt to poison him, says US Magazine. The American reality star claims that after the incident occurred, he found shards of glass from an item that Karine had broken. Paul has insisted that the Brazilian reality star tried to take his life, and Karine could be in serious trouble if she is found guilty of attempting to murder her husband. According to Paul’s claims, it seems that Karine could have carefully hatched up a plan to poison him, and she could face first-degree attempted murder charges. The 23-year-old reality star would serve a life imprisonment sentence if Paul proved his case without any reasonable doubt.

It will be interesting to see whether Paul pursues a criminal case against his wife. While the couple has had their differences, the American reality star recently extended an olive branch towards Karine. In a recent Instagram post, Paul claimed that he would forgive her for lodging false accusations against him. Paul added that he would not hold any grudges against his wife if she dropped the rape allegations she had filed against him.

Paul had previously shared a police report in which his wife had accused him of sexual abuse. Karine had told the police officers that Paul had forcefully pushed his genitals into her mouth, and he had installed cameras in their home to monitor her every move.

Rape allegations

Karine has hinted that she will not drop her rape allegations.

The Brazilian reality star has called Paul a narcissist for trying to discredit her accusations. Karine has insisted that her husband sexually abused her, and she has told fans that she will file for a divorce in the coming weeks. Karine has also rubbished Paul’s accusations regarding her mental wellbeing. In his court documents, Paul has insinuated that his wife was not emotionally stable. The 37-year-old had questioned Karine’s ability to be a good mother to their son by claiming that she had allowed him to run onto the streets. However, Karine has insisted that she is not crazy. Fans should watch the remaining episodes of "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After" to find out more about the couple’s marital squabbles.