Any “America's Got Talent” fan has got to give it to the competition for Season 15. Just like every other show in production, current health difficulties struck the talent competition where it hurt most. First, every live audience was banished from talent TV Shows. Viewers saw even the youngest performers strut their stuff in front of only Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and guest judge, Eric Stonestreet for a while. Heidi Klum got a scare and so did her faithful following high fever and sore throat.

Fortunately, Heidi and her household tested negative for the illness, but by then, all of the “America's Got Talent” judges had to do their judging from home, some in pajamas, as they preferred.

This week, the July 28 Judge Cuts still featured brand-new performances, but the judges viewed every act on a giant big-screen from an outdoor tent. Sofia Vergara was chilly, but Heidi was ready for a good time, along with the guys.

The slicing and celebration started fast on ‘America's Got Talent’

Within the first few minutes, the panel realized that they had to trim 60 percent of the 100 talents approved so far. The first selections weren’t so torturous, after considering golden buzzer picks and the absolute “America's Got Talent“ “musts” from each of the judges.

It was affirming to see the wrongly convicted prisoner from Angola, Archie Williams, relish the news that he will be going onward, and his life will be forever different due to his powerful addition.

Dancing twins, Double Dragon, shrieked with joy over the news that they will perform again on “America's Got Talent,” as well as scarf-aerialist, little person Alan Silva, who melted into the arms of his children after getting the word that he would be staying in the competition for a while longer.

The judges wanted to see more from ten performers, though, before deciding who would fill the last five slots.

From silly to sublime, every performance was original for these 2020 Judge Cuts, and each one was witnessed in a way never done before.

Fancy cars, fine ‘America's Got Talent’ effort and a father’s love

There's no sugar-coating the fact that losing the energy of a live audience really hits the performers and the judging panel of “America's Got Talent.” Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and Sofia Vergara all added an air of sophistication to the outdoor tent screenings by arriving in fancy cars.

Howie Mandel, of course, preferred to arrive in a chicken delivery car, which fit the comic just fine. Sofia wished she had brought a sweater instead of her shawl. Still, the “Modern Family” favorite declined to put it on, insisting “I prefer to be beautiful.”

Sofia was delighted to see her young Colombian friends, Simon and Maria, who dazzled every judge with their dance routine, even more than their initial audition. Heidi Klum kept up with Sofia, as she shimmied from her seat. These dancers have more than talent-- they have the work ethic and personalities to take them far into the competition.

Several acts took their show outdoors for their Judge Cuts effort. Hula hoop wizard, Craig Reid, took himself and his gold rings to the neon museum in Las Vegas.

The Brothers Gage still brought it big with their harmonicas on “Party Rock Anthem,” even adding a little singing at the end. Tween girls are bound to go wild for these synchronized sonic siblings, so they likely still have careers ahead of them on the steam of their “America's Got Talent” stint.

Shaquira McGrath made a change from her country music direction with a stunning rendition of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” Heidi Klum was a little taken aback by the change, saying “to me, you're a country star.” Simon and Sofia applauded the song transition. Howie added his love for the singer, who now has a new commitment to performing since the pandemic.

Max Major brought out the selfless side of Simon Cowell.

The mentalist made the British judge the focal point of his routine. He asked very personal questions, such as Cowell’s dearest possession, and a photograph of a special first in his life.

Simon immediately melted hearts when he spoke of the photo of his son, Eric, lying on his father’s chest just after birth, as being the possession with which he could never part. The boyhood and lifetime memories reflected a side not often seen publicly in Simon Cowell, and naturally, amazed the subject. Major revealed cards, showing each of the milestone moments.

Earlier in the evening, Cowell playfully confessed that he had been watching “every past show that I'm in” when asked what he had been viewing during the coronavirus.

The doting father and the man who loves himself reside together in the same being for the “America's Got Talent” founder.

Comic relief before tough cuts on ‘America's Got Talent’

Heidi Klum feels she doesn't deserve her reputation for not liking comedians, and the supermodel did her best to let Ty Barnett feel her love during his garage performance on the pitfalls of being a dad. She, Howie, and Sofia got an even bigger laugh from the Ninja Twins. The siblings staged a hilarious, dressed-down “America's Got Talent” pool party in their backyard while singing Justin Bieber's “Yummy”-- it was a pure treat of distraction. Simon wasn't sure what he had watched, but he liked it.

Singer-songwriter, Nolan Neal, poured out his heart and pure honesty in his AGT audition performance of his own composition, “Lost,” written just after his recovery from substance abuse.

Since then, Neal describes that he's heard from hundreds of people on the same path. The new inspiration has lifted his heart and helped him see a greater purpose in his music.

The soulful singer spit on the positive track with his passionate take on Candi Staton’s “You've Got the Love,” and the judges heard it as all his own.

Put the final act of the night from danger artist, Jonathan Goodwin, in the “Scare Everyone to Death” category. He first asks Howie Mandel to wear a blindfold and judge when a glass under a tap is near full. Goodwin then proceeds to explain that he has five harpoon rifles ready to fire when separate glasses underneath each one are full.

Wearing his metal blindfold, Goodwin places himself squarely at the target.

He judges only by the sound of the cups filling with water for when each rifle will fire at him. Miraculously, he survives each strike and ends the “America's Got Talent” Judge Cuts on a heart-pounding peak.

According to Variety on July 28, “America's Got Talent” is struggling in the ratings, but clearly, the talent is rising in the 2020 competition, however, performances happen in the current conditions. While screen-to-screen viewing isn't ideal, it doesn't change the million-dollar outcome for the winner of the season.

Next week is another “Best of” compilation for the competition.