Over the past few weeks, Deavan Clegg and her Korean boyfriend, Jihoon, have had a difficult time getting along. The two reality stars are currently starring in the second season of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way," and the couple’s relationship has come under scrutiny by the show’s fans. Many viewers feel that Deavan may break up with Jihoon when the season ends, and their suspicions could turn out to be true after Deavan’s mother, Elicia Clegg, confirmed that her daughter is living in the United States.

Deavan and Jihoon's divorce rumors swirl on the internet

According to InTouch Weekly, Elicia made the revelation while responding to one of her followers on Instagram. After she posted a picture of her granddaughter, one "90 Day Fiancé" fan asked Elicia about Deavan’s current living situation. Elicia responded by stating that her daughter had been living in the United States over the past few months.

The news that Deavan has been living in the United States did not come as a surprise to many fans. The American reality star had previously posted a video on her YouTube channel in which she celebrated the 4th of July holiday in her home country. Even though Deavan’s mother did not confirm the breakup rumors between her and Jihoon, some "90 Day Fiancé" fans are now anticipating that the couple might already split up during their current run on the show.

In a previous episode, Deavan confronted Jihoon over his money problems. She revealed that he had tricked into leaving her good job in the United States and moving to Korea.

Jihoon and Deavan's troubled relationship on '90 Day Fiancé'

On his part, Jihoon tried to take responsibility for his inconsiderate actions by admitting that he did not have any marketable skills that would enable him to secure a well-paying job.

The 29-year-old explained that he was working part-time jobs to support Deavan and their two children. However, Deavan felt that Jihoon was not working hard enough to support her, and after a feisty argument, she decided to move out of their apartment and stay at a hotel with her two children. The 23-year-old reality star told producers that she would reflect on her marriage with Jihoon and decide whether she would move back to America or give him another chance to prove that he could provide for his family.

After Deavan’s mother revealed that she is living in the United States, it appears that she may have chosen to leave Jihoon and move back to her home country. Fans should tune in to TLC every Monday to find out whether the couple can save their once successful relationship. Let us know what you think about the couple. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiancé."