Armando Rubio has recently come out to explain the circumstances that led to the passing of his wife and unborn child. The Mexican reality star is currently starring in the second season of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way." Armando and his boyfriend, Kenneth Niedermeier met online in a gay parents' support group. Kenneth has four children, while Armando has a daughter, named Hannah. Unfortunately for Armando, news regarding the death of his ex-wife has been circulating on the Internet, and the 31-year-old was forced to talk about his past relationship.

To hide his gay identity and protect his parents from ridicule, "90 Day Fiancé" star Armando married his ex-wife and stayed in the relationship for eight years. However, after he revealed his true sexual identity to his wife, Armando has said that she felt disappointed and lost. The couple decided to get a divorce, but his wife was not happy with him. Armando has revealed that he had an argument with his ex-wife on the day she passed away. When the Mexican reality star was traveling home from work later that day, he claims that a car rammed his vehicle from behind several times. Upon looking back to see the culprit responsible, Armando realized that it was his ex-wife.

Armando's child

Unfortunately, Armando’s wife did not survive the accident.

According to some media reports, she was seven months pregnant when the accident occurred. Armando has confirmed that he lost his unborn child in the accident. After the Mexican reality star opened up about the passing of his wife and unborn child, many fans found some similarities between his story and that of another reality star.

This year, fans learned that Geoffrey Paschel was facing allegations of contributing to the death of his 13-month-old son, Kazhem.

Geoffrey's history

Geoffrey’s ex-wife accused him of assaulting the child and claimed that his constant beatings contributed to their son’s death. However, Geoffrey has defended himself from the allegations.

In an emotional video on his YouTube channel, Geoffrey told fans that his ex-wife had made up the story so that she could get an unfair advantage in their custody battle. The American reality star said that the authorities responsible cleared him of any culpability over his son’s death, and he won the court case for his son’s burial rights. "90 Day Fiancé" fans have had mixed reactions to Armando and Geoffrey’s stories. Some fans believe that the two reality stars are innocent, while others feel that their narratives do not add up. For Armando’s case, "90 Day Fiancé" viewers feel that he could be hiding some information regarding the death of his wife and unborn child. However, the Mexican reality star has insisted that it was nothing more than an ill-fated accident.

Note from the 2nd of July: This article should not have been published today. This news has been shared by Armando on July, 18th and should not have been written as a "news" here since it's been two weeks since the declaration. Blasting News apologizes for this article that could be seen as misleading for some of our readers.