Over the past few weeks, former "90 Day Fiancé" stars Anfisa Nava and Paola Mayfield have taken the Internet by storm with some sexy bikini pictures. The two reality stars share a passion for fitness, and they have displayed their fit and athletic bodies on their respective Instagram accounts. After her time on "90 Day Fiancé" ended, Anfisa pursued a career in fitness training, and she is a certified personal trainer in the United States. As for Paola, she often shares her workout videos on her YouTube channel. Despite their shared interest in fitness.

Anfisa and Paola now both up against each other to win the bikini battle. The "90 Day Fiance" stars competing with each other by posting their sexy bikini pictures on Instagram.

Anfisa vs Paola in an intense battle

For many fans, Anfisa’s pictures have been more provocative that Paola’s. Before she appeared on "90 Day Fiancé," Anfisa worked as a cam model in the adult entertainment industry. Her sexy Instagram pictures have led to speculation that she could be considering making a move back into porn. As for Paola, her revealing pictures have also left fans wondering whether she is trying to keep up with Anfisa. However, Paola has featured her husband, Russ Mayfield, in some of her bikini costume pictures.

Paola and Russ appeared on the first season of "90 Day Fiancé," and the couple is still together despite tying the knot in 2013. Paola and Russ welcomed their first child on 1st January 2019, and many fans have lauded Paola for getting her body in shape just 18 months after her pregnancy. The popular reality star recently thanked her fans after she attained 1 million followers on Instagram.

While Paola and her husband have fun together on their social media platforms, the situation does not apply for Anfisa.

The Russian reality star is currently estranged from Jorge Nava, her onscreen boyfriend during her run on "90 Day Fiancé." Jorge and Anfisa tied the knot after the appeared in the fourth season, but the couple’s relationship ran into problems.

Jorge went to prison after police arrested him for possession of marijuana. The American reality star has claimed that his girlfriend abandoned him as soon as he was convicted, and he has said that he will divorce Anfisa in the coming months.

Anfisa have no regrets

On her part, Anfisa has said that she has no regrets over how her relationship with Jorge ended. The Russian reality star admits that she drifted away from her husband after he went to prison, and she doesn’t love him anymore. For now, Anfisa appears focused on her modeling and fitness profession, and "90 Day Fiancé" viewers do not seem to mind her current career choice. Although Paola and Anfisa have not declared a bikini war on each other, their bikini pictures have left fans yearning for more.