Kathie Lee Gifford has always been a lady who is able to roll with the punches And keep smiling, usually adding her own punchline. Through her years with Regis Philbin on “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee,” the co-host never failed to give the perfect quick comeback to the persnickety partner with top billing. There were never any prepared scripts. When she joined the fourth hour of “Today” for a tryout with Hoda Kotb, the on-air partners found their own kismet chemistry, since all their prompt cards blew away in the Rockefeller Plaza breeze.

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager were just two of the friends who wanted to share in the joy with Kathie Lee Gifford over the news that her daughter, and almost younger twin at 26, Cassidy, had exchanged wedding vows with her fiancé, Ben Wierda, in his Michigan backyard.

The coronavirus pandemic altered or swept some marital plans away altogether. In this case, love marches on, as reported June 17 on “Today” and June 16 by People. Judging from Kathie Lee's reactions, she didn't mind this delightful detour along the path of love at all.

Being a contented country girl suits Kathie Lee Gifford just fine

Cody and Cassidy Gifford were front-row VIPs for all the heartfelt hoopla for Kathie Lee Gifford in her final Friday on the “Today” show as co-host in April of 2019. She has returned several times since, and her friend status with Hoda and Jenna remains real and strong. The morning pals can’t partake in as many moments of “laughter through tears” in person under current national and world health restrictions, but the trademark descending tissue box is still in fine working condition.

The dearest traditions of TV Shows never die.

Not a tear was in sight, simply Tennessee blue skies and a huge smile as Kathie Lee Gifford sat outdoors on a vintage red tractor to proclaim that her pose signaled “When the mother of the bride can't contain her joy” on June 6. The date is presumed to be around the time that the more rustic ceremony happened.

Gifford had her heart set on the neighborly and serene life of the Nashville area before her final months on “Today.” As much as the showbiz veteran adored the people she worked with day to day, she also described a kind of cynicism in the big city.

Having windows open and hearing birds and church bells gave Kathie Lee Gifford a refreshing respite, and inspired her creativity, such as her music and film projects with Nashville-based Brett James, who co-wrote “He Saw Jesus,” with her.

The song is a moving recollection of her last day with her late husband, Frank Gifford, who passed in 2015. The loving tribute soared to the top of the iTunes charts and encouraged millions in bereavement to trust in the assurance of faith and the afterlife.

Kathie Lee loves the southern beauty and the spontaneity of friends who “drop by,” as she confirmed last fall to Kotb. She has a few famous buddies in Music City making sure she’s never lonely.

Cassidy and Ben get more loving kudos from Kathie Lee Gifford and the next bride-to-be

Cassidy and her brother both got daily lessons in selfless love and lasting commitment through the example of their parents. No young newlyweds are gifted with a working crystal ball to forecast the future, but for now, mama Kathie Lee Gifford couldn't be happier.

“Still can't sop [sic] stop smiling,” Gifford wrote on Instagram. “Makes me one HAPPY MAMA!”

Sweet congratulations also came from Cassidy's future sister-in-law, Erika Brown. She and Cody were engaged last year, but as of now, no one is sure if the intended pair plan to wait out the pandemic before practicing their walk down the aisle.

“Congratulations to the sweetest couple, B and Lil C! God is so good!” [Love] you both! Brown exuded in her social media praise. The small ceremony didn't stop the big welcome to the family.

Invitations to big celebrations can wait for Cassidy, Ben, and Kathie Lee Gifford

In a statement through a representative, Cassidy and Ben “are planning a big celebration when it's safe to do so” and some point in the future.

Neither the experts nor the current government has genuine confidence that citizens anywhere will be “safe” anytime soon. Kathie Lee loves a good laugh, and any son-in-law who can propose while his love is “face-planted” into a quesadilla can't be all bad.

What everyone can do is what we can do. Take precautions, wash hands, wear masks, and abide by social distancing. Science will eventually win, but Kathie Lee Gifford is praying, too, along with many of her followers and believers everywhere. Faith honors good sense, gracious attitudes, and deliberate perseverance, and there's nothing wrong with taking a pause to celebrate love whenever possible.