It has just been over a month since Kathie Lee Gifford celebrated her farewell from the “Today” fourth-hour. The celebration was chock full of the “laughter through tears” moments that the veteran of morning TV shared with Hoda Kotb through their 11 years of “Today.” Naturally, there were flirty moments, too, like the lingering leg-embrace between Kathie Lee Gifford and John Cena. Mostly, though, there were touching remembrances from friends like Regis Philbin and Barry Manilow, who confirmed that he would “go anywhere” to sing for Kathie Lee.

In the audience on that special day sat Cody Gifford and someone very special to him.

Since that special celebration, their relationship has become official, and Kathie Lee Gifford and Cody's sister, Cassidy have welcomed another loved one into the family, as reported earlier this week (May 13) by Entertainment Tonight.

Kathie Lee has been busier than ever, catching up with friends, collecting awards, and still working on her film projects and personally meaningful causes. When she left her millions of fans with the words from Jeremiah 29:11 from the “Today” stage, as featured May 15 by Us Weekly per MSN, the beloved star of many stages could never dream that so much joy could still keep happening. Her social media is buzzing with beautiful news.

Mother of the groom

Untold millions of viewers saw Cody and Cassidy Gifford grow up with Kathie Lee and her late husband, Frank Gifford.

His mom even kidded that he and Cassidy grew up on board those Carnival Cruise Lines, which starred Kathie Lee Gifford in so many commercials. Cody Gifford was the first person that Kathie Lee recognized in her last “Today” as co-host. She also recognized the lovely Erika Brown, sitting next to him. At the time, she referred to her as a “girlfriend,” but after a committed relationship of six years, it was destined that Erika would become part of the family.

When Cody hugged his mom, he said, “I'm so proud of you, and dad is, too.” A salute from the kids topped off the farewell.

Both Kathie Lee and Cassidy Gifford shared glowing photos of the officially engaged couple. “I couldn't be happier for him and @missamerikabrown!” cheered his mom's post. Cassidy called Erika her “already sister,” and declared that she was “so excited for what God has in store for these two.”

Cody had just planned a special surprise for his mom following her Daytime Emmy win a few weeks ago, but clearly, he didn't give this special news away too soon.

Jenna Bush Hager dubbed the news “the best” from her “Today” chair. The mother of the groom may not have the same duties as the mother of the bride, but Kathie Lee will do beyond her very best to ensure that the couple feels surrounded by the love from her and Cody's dad all through their special day.

Her favorite Ferguson

All her fans know that Kathie Lee Gifford never forgets any dear friend. She made good on her promise to come to pay a visit to Hoda and her new baby girl, Hope Catherine.

Kathie Lee couldn’t let Craig Ferguson's 57th birthday go by without notice. She posted a May 17 greeting to her “dear friend,” and a photo from their chat at the 92nd Street Y cultural and community arts celebration last week.

The buddies always had to keep the 7-second delay button ready when Craig Ferguson was co-hosting with Kathie Lee on “Today,” despite the magical chemistry that they created on live TV.

Ferguson has a memoir, titled “Riding the Elephant” out now. Fortunately, no censorship is needed for anything readers see on those pages.

Craig Ferguson and Kathie Lee Gifford translated their friendship to a romance on screen for her “Then Came You” film project. She has credited Ferguson for being a muse and an inspiration for her storylines and scriptwriting in movies.

Studios definitely seem to be producing more for moviegoers “of a certain age” as evidenced by the success of “Book Club” and the current “Poms.” Gifford also has plans for four more films in development.

Kathie Lee Gifford is finding plenty of projects and purpose in her second act of life, more involved with the screen and personal causes than ever. She will never forget love for family and friends along the way. They are her own personal, special stars.