After a few days of silence, Geoffrey Paschel finally acknowledged his absence in the "90 Day Fiance" Tell-All episode. To address his fans’ questions, he posted a 5-minute video on YouTube to discuss his thoughts. According to him, he broke his silence because it was starting to affect his mental health. He pointed out that the hate from social media trolls has been incredibly harsh.

He also talked about accusations that he used his children as drug mules when he used to sell drugs. He claims that there is no truth to the accusations. To prove his innocence, he detailed the timeline of his past arrests in the clip.

Geoffrey Paschel will not release self-produced Tell-All video

Geoffrey Paschel previously announced that he will release his own Tell-All video to address issues on the show. However, this is no longer going to happen. However, he did promise that there are other projects in the pipeline. Fans felt betrayed by this change of plans. They felt that he and partner Varya Malina should have appeared on the TLC Tell-All instead.

The Tell-All episode of "Before the 90 Days" Season 4 was a massive ratings success for TLC. As a matter of fact, the episode became the most-watched show in America the night it was first aired.

Varya Malina on not appearing on the '90 Day Fiance' Tell-All

Varya Malina also broke her silence with regard to her absence in the Tell-All.

She wanted to make sure that her confused fans will not be let down by her non-appearance. In a video posted on social media, she said that she could not publicly say the reason as of this time. However, she hinted that it was not her decision to not appear in the episode. She also said that she did not like that she had to hide the reason from her fans.

She then promised that her fans will eventually know if they will just be patient.

Fans on Geoffrey’s bed-hopping

In related news, "90 Day Fiance" fans did not appreciate the bed-hopping that Geoffrey Paschel did. They believe that Varya Malina and Geoffrey’s longtime friend Mary Wallace deserved better. The reactions were triggered when Geoffrey proposed to Varya again.

He was shown snuggled up with her a day after doing the same with Mary Wallace.

A lot of the show’s fans felt that Geoffrey should not have had an intimate moment with Varya right away. He himself said that he still had doubts about Varya so he should not have given her mixed signals. It can be recalled that Geoffrey dated Mary right away after getting back from Russia. This became one of the reasons that Varya and Mary did not get along. Mary even confronted Varya about her intentions at one point. "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days" will return to TLC next year. The second season of The Other Way currently airs in the network every Monday.