Only a few people could have predicted the notoriety that Big Ed would gain in his "90 Day Fiance" appearance. The San Diego-based professional photographer has become a controversial figure in the show’s fanbase over the past months. At this point, a lot of fans have already become familiar with attention-grabbing Instagram posts. But a recent incident that involved in a burning incident which might already be a step too far.

The alleged stunt occurred during one of the Instagram live sessions that Big Ed organized. During the live video, his note pad caught on fire and it seemed like he did not notice until it was already burning in his hand.

In a Reddit post, a few fans pointed out that it would have been impossible for Big Ed to not notice the fire. Some even suggested that the reality star is just seeking attention. Notably, "90 Day Fiance" fans shocked Big Ed with their notorious wish to see him dead. These viewers are unhappy with Big Ed because he treated Rose in a bad manner and disrespected her.

Fans call out Ed Brown for inaccurate claims

Most "90 Day Fiance" fans do not hesitate to criticize Ed Brown if he has conflicting claims. This happened once again last week after the Tell-All episode aired on TLC. Big Ed irked fans during the Tell-All after he said that he will do everything he can to be together with Rosemarie Vega again.

He even claimed that he would be willing to cut his daughter off for her. But moments later, he indicated that he would never sacrifice his relationship with his daughter. This confused a lot of the fans watching the episode.

Big Ed accuses Rosemarie Vega of attempting to get back with him

Ed Brown raised eyebrows online after he exposed Rosemarie Vega for allegedly attempting to get back together with him.

Big Ed divulged this information during the Tell-All episode, which earned an outright denial from his former lover. During the Tell-All, Ed said that Rosemarie resumed communications with him after breaking up with her girlfriend. According to him, she sent her multiple pictures of her being silly to look cute.

As if to prove his point, he brought out a few of the pictures she sent.

But she was having none of it. Rosemarie, who came out as bisexual earlier in the episode, said that she had no intention of getting back with Big Ed. Fans were previously outraged at Ed for subtly suggesting that Rosemarie was to be blamed for the breakup. They felt that he was playing the victim instead of reflecting on his actions.

Ed out in San Diego

Meanwhile, it looks like Ed Brown thinks it is now safe to come out of his own home on a more regular basis. The reality star posted a few photos and videos of himself out in San Diego in the past weeks. In one of the videos he posted, Ed is seen interacting with some fans in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego. Loud hip-hop music can be heard blaring through speakers in the clip. In another video, he also featured his favorite restaurant in the area. He urged his followers to support local businesses to help them recover from the pandemic.