The second season of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" made history after it featured the first male gay couple. Kenneth and Armando made their debut on the show this month, and fans will follow Kenneth’s journey as he moves to Mexico to be with his boyfriend. In a previous episode, Armando had a difficult conversation with his parents as he tried to convince them to accept his sexuality. The 31-year-old reality star revealed that the macho culture in Mexico had made him hide the truth about his sexuality from his parents. He also revealed that he had decided to get married to keep the secret, but his ex-wife filed for divorce after she found out that he was gay.

Death of Armado's wife

"90 Day Fiancé" star Armando also revealed that his ex-wife died in an accident a few months after they separated. However, he did not go into detail about his relationship with his ex-wife on the show. Fans were still curious about his past relationship, and several rumors began circulating the Internet regarding Armando’s ex-wife. It appears that the Mexican reality star noticed the false stories, and he recently logged on to Instagram and gave a detailed account of his relationship with his ex-wife.

A tragic death

In a shocking revelation, Armando said that he had been in contact with his wife on the day that she died. The Mexican reality star explained that he had quarreled with his wife over financial matters earlier in the day.

As he was driving home from work, Armando claims that a car rammed into him, and when he looked behind him to find out the person responsible for the accident, he realized that it was his ex-wife. Regrettably, Armando’s wife died in the car crash after she lost control of her vehicle and it veered off the road.

Fans respects Armando's emotions

After he opened up on his wife’s passing, Armando asked fans to respect her memory and avoid speculating about the cause of her death. He said that his wife’s accident had given him and his young daughter a hard time as they tried to process the events that had occurred.

Armando admitted that his wife was working through anger issues after she found out that he was gay. However, he described her as a wonderful mother and said that he had tried to reconcile with her and transition their intimate relationship into a friendship. Unfortunately, the Mexican reality star did not get a chance to work on his relationship with his ex-wife. After he opened up about her passing, Armando said that he hoped that all the rumors surrounding his relationship would be put to rest. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiancé."