Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are Country Music royalty, even while in self-quarantine. The superstar couple surges with passion and electricity through any performance from the stage, such as on the many incarnations of their Soul2Soul tours.

Despite the easing of some of the restrictions required by the coronavirus pandemic, even Country Music elite like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are able to predict when live performances may resume. No one has a crystal ball for the future; only the indicators well tested by science. Before fans rush through venue doors, they have to trust that they will stay well in the days and weeks after a dream show.

Self-isolation can't keep country music makers from making a difference for good. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were especially intimate for their romantic virtual duet for "Feed the Frontline," the partnership effort with CMT to raise funds to frontline workers and others feeling the brunt from the virus surge, as reported on May 21 by Yahoo.

It was no accident that stellar artists combined forces for the seven-hour virtual event. There is always strength in numbers, and Tim and Faith were not the only McGraw's fronting "Feed the Frontline." Maggie McGraw, the 21-year-old daughter of the powerhouse parents, played a big part in putting together the charitable initiative, as a May 21 Us Weekly feature detailed.

This time, Maggie was pulling strings with her mom and dad for particularly good reasons.

The mood is casual and steamy for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Viewers and fans were encouraged to make donations as feasible for the ongoing concert featuring Kelsea Ballerini, Clay Walker, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney, Dustin Lynch, and more to complete the roster of headliners.

Tim McGraw was not overdressed for the welcome, wearing his drawstring shorts and seeming as natural as a neighbor hosting the weekend barbecue.

Tim and Faith first found their lifelong connection on the Spontaneous Combustion Tour, after Tim McGraw wrote his proposal in red lipstick on Faith Hill's tour bus mirror. The pair wed in 1996 and their three uniquely talented and beautiful daughters soon followed.

The two have been very candid about their ups and downs through decades, and the hard work of deciding to stay in love. Years have passed since the courting, but the spark is still there.

The lights were dim and the heat was turned up as Faith Hill and Tim McGraw took Alabama's classic, "Feels So Right" for a soft but nonetheless steamy spin. Faith harmonized on Tim's shoulder as he strummed the guitar. Every line of the lyrics seemed to speak that this was a very private musical interlude. The unmade bed beneath the two hearkened to another passionate ballad of desire, "The Bed We Made," from 2017's collection, "The Rest of Our Lives." The track is one among several that showcases Hill as a marvelous, nuanced vocalist.

Someone in the immediate family is adding perfect claps, right on cue. No one will ever know if it is Maggie supplying the needed beats, but she certainly takes after her family tradition of giving.

Maggie McGraw learned lessons in giving back from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

The world of country music fans may have seen Maggie McGraw and her sisters, Gracie, 23, and Audrey, 18, as the most blessed of children, but for the siblings, their parents were just mom and dad, and doing nothing to make the world better was never an option.

The middle daughter credits that she "grew up with a mentality" that it was an obligation to give back if anyone had been blessed with more, in any sense. Maggie relates how the ethos to give was "instilled in my conscience" from her earliest memory, but her role with "Feed the Frontline's" live event brought her first opportunity to act on it from her own initiative, "outside of high school and volunteering." McGraw is the vice president of the Nashville branch of the organization.

The Stanford graduate was eager to take on the collaboration and the cause between "Feed the Frontline" and CMT. She confesses that her parents were "the first people" she informed on the project. She understood that connections held by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill had much more impetus for good than any other person in her organization. It didn't take long for calls to be returned to the parents, and to date, Feed the Frontline, through its individual city affiliates, has raised $750,000 and delivered 50,000 meals to frontline workers since March 2020. The initiative strives to keep local restaurants supported while feeding those in need. Totals are sure to increase when the tallies from the seven hours are complete.

Tim McGraw thrives on being an involved dad

Faith Hill takes the highest honors from her husband and daughters as a mother, all while steering her own career and singing hits. He described that "seeing Faith with the girls, as a mother" is the most moving experience of his life, as he tearfully described for Oprah Winfrey's Master Class. That doesn't mean that dad misses an opportunity to show his papa pride.

Tim McGraw sang a duet with Gracie on "Here Tonight" from his 2015 album, "Damn Country Music." The same album yielded the song "Humble and Kind," which transformed into consuming movement for the singer and his multitudes of followers. They took inspiration from pictures, posts, and shared ideas based on the song and started outreach projects, food pantries, aid for the homeless, and much more.

Few times can any artist say that a song turned to greatness, but thanks to the power of countless open hearts, it happened this time.

No parent knows where life will take a child, and no parent, at any income level, can do a perfect job. The best any parent can do is to love unconditionally, teach a child never to give up, and to believe in himself or herself. It takes decades to see the rewards, but Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are feeling sweetly satisfied now.