"90 Day Fiance" star Big Ed continued his social media shenanigans this week. This time, he mistakenly used a disinfectant spray instead of his mouthwash. In an Instagram video, he narrated that he realized how he put his mouthwash and his disinfectant spray together in one place. He said that the two products had the same color, which made mistaking one for the other easy.

Big Ed took the video in the bathroom while he is preparing for his Sunday activities. He also said that he will film some Cameo videos during the day. However, fans soon realize that Big Ed might be making fun of Rose.

Notably, During the early episodes of Season 4 of "Before the 90 Days" Ed told Rose that she has bad breath and gifted her mouthwash. Meanwhile, fans in the comment section slammed Ed for insulting Rose again.

Ed Brown and his social media misadventures

The COVID-19 pandemic has left Ed Brown with nothing else to do. This is the reason why he is incredibly active on social media in the past two months. Big Ed has been uploading videos on Instagram left and right since the quarantine started. Most of these videos were about his thoughts on what happened on the show. In some clips, he also showed some parts of how he is coping with being alone.

Big Ed parts ways with Rosemarie Vega on '90 Day Fiance'

Meanwhile, it looks like things between Big Ed and Rosemarie Vega will finally end. In the most recent episode of "Before the 90 Days," things do not look good for the "90 Day Fiance" couple. Earlier in the episode, Ed and Rosemarie had a confrontation after she found out about his plans to have a vasectomy.

She talked about how disappointed she is about how badly he is treating her ever since he came to the Philippines.

She mentioned how rude he was when he told her that she had bad breath. She also recalled how he brazenly asked her to take an STD test. Uncomfortable with the conversation, Big Ed walked out. This motivated Rosemarie to start packing her bags and leave for the airport.

She went home alone to Caloocan, leaving Ed alone in the resort. When he went back to their hotel room, Big Ed discovered that she already left him. Ed breaks down and cries, lamenting how he thought that Rosemarie was “the one.”

Ed’s sexual assault accuser speaks out

In other news, Lorelei Clemens spoke out about how triggering the appearance of Big Ed is to her. She came forward last month, accusing Big Ed of allegedly sexual harassing and assaulting her. She first publicly accused him on TikTok, where she recorded a part of the show in a video. In a recent interview, she talked about how she does not want what happened to her to affect someone else. According to her, she tried to expose Ed four years ago but no one listened to her.

Now that he has a huge platform because of the show, she wanted to warn more women about him. Fans can watch more of Big Ed and Rosemarie Vega on "Before the 90 Days." The next episode of the "90 Day Fiance" spinoff will air on Sunday, May 24.