"90 Day Fiance" star Big Ed is breaking his silence after weeks of being the punching bag online for his controversial request to Rose. According to him, there were moments during that hotel room scene that were not aired on the show, reports ET. Ed caused an online storm, in past weeks, after telling his girlfriend to shave her legs. It can be recalled that he was quite persistent in pressuring Rosemarie to remove her leg hair. He even attempted to joke that she was just as hairy as he was.

At first, the request puzzled Rosemarie Vega. Shaving her leg hair was not a request that was common in her previous relationships.

Filipino women typically do not have much leg hair. She was also not really concerned about it as she had other more productive things to do with her time. In one of the episode’s confessional scenes, Big Ed also said that the sight of leg hair disgusts him. He explained that he thinks that leg hair makes women “less feminine.”

Big Ed apparently offered to shave Rosemarie’s legs

In a recent interview, the "90 Day Fiance" star Big Ed clarified that he asked Rose if she wants him to do the shaving for her. She eventually shaved herself, which prompted him to do some beard grooming as well. Ed also said that there was no truth to reports that Rose was engaged to another woman. He called it “fake news” and reminded everyone to be careful about the things they read online.

Brown and his provocative '90 Day Fiance' actions

It would be an understatement to say that Big Ed has caused a lot of controversy on "90 Day Fiance." Before he told Rosemarie Vega to shave her legs, he also got in hot water because he demanded that she take an STD test. He was getting irritated at Rose’s refusal to talk to him about her relationships in the past.

He thought that an STD test would be a good way for them to reach a compromise. In exchange for taking the test, he promised to stop asking questions about her past. The requested offended and disappointed Rose, who confronted him about not trusting her. Fans also slammed Ed for the huge age difference between him and Rose.

They believe that 31 years is simply too much to bridge their dissimilar cultural and social outlooks in life.

Multiple co-stars attack Big Ed for claim

Meanwhile, former and current "90 Day Fiance" cast members slammed Ed Brown for a statement he recently made. Big Ed made the said statement after getting a lot of criticism online for his behavior on the show. Fellow "90 Day Fiance" stars like Lisa Hamme and Tim Malcolm slammed the California photographer for saying he is the franchise’s biggest star. They reminded him to be more humble about the statements he puts out online. They also urged their co-star to be grateful to the production crew and the fans instead.