Usman Umar recently became embroiled in controversy after he made comments that fans thought were unjust for Lisa Hamme. Apart from his Baby Girl Lisa, the "90 Day Fiance" star said that he plans to marry other women as well. A devout Muslim, Usman can marry up to four wives. However, some fans think that the real reason why Usman would marry other women is because of Lisa’s age.

Usman said that it is important for him to have children. In a recent interview, he explained that Nigerian culture requires him to pass his name on. Because of her age, Usman worries that she might no longer have the ability to get pregnant.

He hopes his future wives will be able to give him kids instead.

Lisa Hamme reacts to Usman’s polygamy plan

Lisa did not exactly say that she would reject her "90 Day Fiance" partner’s plan. However, she challenged him to acquire enough money to support all his wives. She said that there was no way that she would also spend money on his future wives. Knowing he would love to move to America soon, Lisa also knows how financially difficult it will be for Usman.

Lisa reportedly back with ex-husband

With things not going well between her and Usman Umar, Lisa Hamme is reported to be with her ex-husband again. Rumors say that things have been going well recently between her and James Hamme. Lisa recently got pictured in a grocery store and she was reportedly seen with a man that looked like her ex-husband.

A few eyewitnesses also confirmed that she was indeed seen in the grocery store with James. James and Lisa had a rough history together. They divorced in 2018 after spending a few years in a turbulent relationship. Both of them even got arrested multiple times during those years. It is still unknown why Lisa would choose to go back to James.

Usman Umar, of '90 Day Fiance,' possibly sick with COVID-19

Last week, Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme unwittingly started rumors that he has COVID-19. The Nigerian rapper said he was incredibly sick, on social media. Fans naturally took this as a sign that he had COVID-19. The rumors started when the two "90 Day Fiance" cast members asked fans to pray for Usman’s health.

They did not give enough details on their posts, which fueled the spread of the rumors. Lisa eventually clarified that there was no truth to the COVID-19 rumors. Usman also said that he already felt better and was recovering from his mysterious illness.

Lisa Hamme responds to Usman’s suicide threat claims

Meanwhile, Lisa Hamme finally broke her silence about Usman Umar's recent claims. The "90 Day Fiance" star said that there was no mention of suicide in their conversations, at all. Through her representative, Lisa refuted the claims. She explained that she never said that she would commit suicide for any man. She said that she found the claims insulting as an independent woman. She even pointed out that SojaBoy was the one who needs her, not the other way around.