Big Ed did what he can do to make it up to Rosemarie but "90 Day Fiancé" fans are still not impressed. Fans were concerned after Sunday’s episode when she seemed uncomfortable with him massaging her feet in a clip from "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." While he was massaging her foot, it seemed like he had some other things in mind. Meanwhile, fans find it disgusting and slam Big Ed for his antics.

Fans cringed when Ed repeatedly asked her if she was attracted to him.

At one point, he even asked her what the Filipino word for “kiss” is. She answered “halik,” which he took as permission for him to ask her if he can kiss her. Big Ed is already in hot water in the past few episodes because of the massive 31-year age difference between him and Rosemarie. Fans now question whether the two cast members are mature enough emotionally to handle each other.

Big Ed shocks with STD test request

In a past episode of "90 Day Fiancé," Big Ed talked to Rosemarie about possibly getting an STD test. This was after his repeated questions about her past relationships and dating history. The test was, he believed, a compromise that he thought of after he got tired of her evasiveness.

Rosemarie’s hesitance to talk about her past made the San Diego resident uncomfortable. He felt like he had the right to know at least part of the things she went through as a younger person. He eventually relented and promised to no longer ask her about her past. It was at that point when he proposed that she get an STD test.

At first, Rosemarie did not really understand the implications of the STD test. But when it dawned on her, she was disappointed and offended because she felt that he did not trust her. She then explained that the reason she didn't like discussing her past is that talking about it was painful for her. She did not have the best relationships, including the one that produced his 4-year-old son, Prince.

Big Ed on STD test

When she asked if he also plans to get an STD test, he said that he will do it when he gets back to the United States. She felt that this meant he thinks he might get a disease if he did the test in the Philippines. Angry at him, Rosemarie decided to leave him in the restaurant where they were eating. This got Big Ed worried that his remarks may have ended their relationship. Big Ed received significant backlash after his STD request was aired on television. A lot of them understood why Rosemarie reacted the way she did. While many fans understood his rationale for requesting the STD test, they believed that he could have handled it better. Let us know what you think about Big Ed and Rosemarie's relationship. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."