"90 Day Fiance" fans waited long before the show decided to feature a same-sex couple. However, it looks like things are not going well between Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens. Sunday’s "Before the 90 Days" episode showed the partners already having relationship trouble. Erika complained that she does not like how Stephanie is treating her so far.

According to her, the New Yorker is controlling and jealous.

Stephanie’s lack of intimacy towards her also surprised Erika. After a major fight and their eventual reconciliation, the two decided to step out of their AirBnB. Erika took Stephanie to a party so her friends can finally meet her girlfriend.

"Before the 90 Days" displayed just how jealous Stephanie can be. She remembered how Erika said that she “made out, like twice” with her friend Adam in the past. She is beginning to think that there is something more between the two of them.

When Stephanie saw how affectionate Adam is with her girlfriend, she immediately confronted him. She bluntly asked him if he has feelings for Erika.

Adam responded, saying that he only cares for her as a friend.

After hearing the answer, Stephanie walked out and left Erika to explain the situation to Adam. When Stephanie decided to come back, she overheard Erika’s friends telling her that they do not like her girlfriend. Because of this, she decided to go home alone.

Stephanie Matto on her illness

In related "90 Day Fiance" news, Stephanie Matto recently talked about her illness.

The social media influencer suffers from aplastic anemia, which is a rare bone marrow ailment. Because of her illness, she has to get permission from her doctors when she travels to another country. As a matter of fact, the Australia trip to meet up with Erika Owens was a subject of debate in her family. However, she could not help but fall in love with the photographer so she went on ahead with the trip.

Erika Owens on accusations of predatory behavior

After weeks of silence, Erika Owens finally responded to accusations of her predatory behavior.

The Australian "90 Day Fiance" star clarified that it was not her intention to violate the boundaries of Stephanie Matto. The controversy erupted after she took Stephanie to a boob plasting studio. Fans slammed Erika for putting her girlfriend in an uncomfortable situation. Some even called her a “sexual predator” because of the date, reports ET. Erika clarified that the date was supposed to be a fun one between them. She also said how hurt she is after reading the insinuations about her behavior in her comments section.

The show makes a major step towards diversity

Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto are the first same-sex pair to ever be part of the show’s cast. "90 Day Fiance" fans hailed the casting decision as a step forward to achieving diversity in the franchise. Both of them are bisexual women, who have not come out of the closet to their parents yet. This would serve as an interesting dynamic that has not been explored in the reality franchise before.