Big Ed wants everyone to know that he has weird ears. The "90 Day Fiancé" went on Instagram to upload another video about the strange physical condition. In the clip, he explained that one of his ears is placed lower on his head than the other one. This was the reason why he keeps on touching his eyeglasses.

In earlier parts of the Instagram video, he also showed some parts of his photography showroom. He also said that his dog Teddie was there with him. Some fans took it as an opportunity to ask Ed about Rosemarie in the comments section. A few were curious whether the two of them are still together.

Notably, there is no evidence of Rose together with Big Ed in his social media videos and pictures. Fans strongly believe that it is possible that they have already broken up after the show was taped. Big Ed's followers also commented that they strongly believe he is already broke up with Rosemarie. The "90 Day Fiance" stars fans showed their happiness that he already left Rose.

Big Ed in Sunday’s '90 Day Fiancé' episode

"90 Day Fiancé" fans watched Sunday’s episode expecting that Big Ed would do everything to make it up to Rosemarie. Instead, they were treated to another cringe-fest because of his weird behavior in their hotel room. In the "Before the 90 Days" clip, Big Ed is shown giving Rosemarie a foot massage.

But things became uncomfortable when he started asking her if she finds him attractive. At one point, he even asked her point-blank if he can kiss her. The uncomfortable scene further reinforces the “dirty old man” comments Ed has been getting from the show’s followers. The huge difference between their ages has long been an issue for a lot of fans.

Fans rally behind Rosemarie after Ed’s demand

It can be recalled that fans slammed Big Ed after he told Rosemarie to take an STD test. For a lot of them, the request was an offensive thing to ask your "90 Day Fiancé" partner. Ed asked Rosemarie to take an STD request because he got tired trying to know more about her past. He has made repeated attempts to ask her about her previous relationships.

But she always attempted to change the conversation.

Eventually, he conceded and promised her that he will stop asking about her relationships. It was then that he proposed an STD test as a compromise for the two of them. He said that he wanted to know that she was not the type to sleep around with random people.

Needless to say, Rosemarie did not like the request. It took a while before she realized what her STD request implied. But when she finally understood what he was asking, she did not hide how offended she was. Saddened by what she felt as mistrust from Ed, she explained that it pained her to discuss about her previous relationships. This was especially true when it comes to talking about her relationship with the father of her 4-year old son Prince.

Rosemarie then told him that he should take an STD request as well. This made him uncomfortable because he wanted to do it when he got back to the United States. The answer disappointed Rosemarie, who thought that he did not trust the STD testing in her home country. She immediately left Big Ed in the place they were dining in. It finally dawned on him that his STD request may have spelled the end of their short relationship.