Angela Deem shows once again why she is one of the most popular alums of "90 Day Fiancé." The reality star uploaded a funny video of her dancing on TikTok, which received notices from fans and fellow cast member Syngin Colchester. The video, which she cross-posted on her Instagram account, showed her twerking in her home. A lot of fans seem to appreciate that she is having fun with her family in the clip. Colchester, who was his co-star, on the show’s seventh season, commented on the video telling her that he loved it.

Angela Deem, Syngin Colchester on '90 Day Fiancé'

Syngin Colchester and Angela Deem had widely different backgrounds on "90 Day Fiancé." While Colchester was the one marrying with an American partner, Deem had the opposite situation. Deem started a wild love affair with his Nigerian partner, Michael Ilesanmi. Even though they love each other, they were polar opposites because of their different cultures. But that has not stopped them from doing their uncomfortable public displays of affection.

On the other hand, Colchester has a decent reputation among the show’s fans. This was partly because of the interesting dynamic between him and his fiancé Tania Maduro. A lot of the show’s viewers thought that Maduro treated him badly when the South African first went to America.

They were puzzled when she left him, in her mother’s home for a month, given that he was still experiencing some culture shock. After the show, Colchester was able to leverage the goodwill he got by promoting his brother’s fitness business. His brother, Dylan Colchester, is known for looking at the fitness question through a holistic approach.

Deem overshares about her relationship with Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem has earned a reputation for oversharing about the details of her relationship with Michael Ilesanmi. She did it, once again, during a tell-all show for the franchise last month. When asked about their sex life during the show, she did not hesitate to tell stories of their adventures in the bedroom.

She claimed that they were active, even saying that they were intimate 38 times in two weeks. This piece of information shocked viewers and other cast members. Deem, however, was nonchalant about the whole thing because she said she was telling the truth.

Colchester deny rumors that he split with Tania Maduro

Meanwhile, Syngin Colchester refuted reports that he is no longer with partner Tania Maduro. According to him, they are still very much together. The popular pairing both denied the reports that they have split up. To clarify things, Maduro posted an update on Snapchat of herself and Colchester eating dinner. To further disprove the rumors, there are reports that Maduro and Colchester will appear in a future "Happily Ever After season." This could mean that the two will have to fly to South Africa for some episodes to share more of their life as a married couple.