When Calls the Heart” draws millions of faithful “Hearties” 'to their screens every Sunday. The most beloved and successful series in Hallmark Channel history gives faithful fans an emotional vacation to Hope Valley every week. As the Northwest Territory community faces its share of struggles, heartache, and loss together in unity, hope, and faith, “When Calls the Heart” viewers feel bolstered through their own challenges in life.

The Hallmark Channel already doubled the family-friendly joy by bringing “When Hope Calls” to follow “When Calls the Heart” this season.

The network seems to be truly making an effort to fulfill the heart’s desires of its most faithful fans. Showbiz CheatSheet reported February 29 that “When Calls the Heart” will start the month of March off with a marathon airing of Season 6 of the drama on the Hallmark Drama channel on March 1. Perhaps the gesture is a late leap year gift, but more episodes of the series are always enough to make “Hearties” jump for joy.

Tonight’s March 1 Episode of Season 7 of “When Calls the Heart” finds Constable Nathan Grant sharing more of his painful family memories of his father with Elizabeth, per an Entertainment Tonight sneak peek on February 28.

Whether catching up or not wanting to miss a second of the new season, “When Calls the Heart” is giving fans many good reasons to tune in and stay put.

‘When Calls the Heart’ will run the marathon in shifts

The Hallmark Drama marathon kicks off at 11 AM ET with the fourth episode from Season 6, “Heart of a Mountie,” which gives viewers the first introduction to Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant. Fans will see the first glimpses of the romantic sparring between the character and Chris McNally as saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard.

Five more episodes of “When Calls the Heart” will air at 5 PM ET, including the 2019 “When Calls the Heart” Christmas movie feature, “When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas.” Fans will even be caught up on Season 7 because the later shift will conclude with last week's Season 7 premiere episode, “A Moving Picture.”

Viewers who don't have Hallmark Drama as part of their local cable package don’t have to fret, either.

Even though Season 6 or the latest episodes of “When Calls the Heart” Season 7 are not yet available on Netflix, they can be purchased through Amazon or iTunes. The Hallmark Channel Everywhere app also allows viewing.

Nathan tells more of his father’s story on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Constable Nathan Grant struggles to speak what is on his own heart to Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow), as viewers witnessed in last week's premiere. Still, the openhearted single mother and teacher strive to give him every opportunity to express himself, even when he can't find words.

In tonight’s “Heart of a Father” new episode for Season 7, Nathan is understandably guarded and protective about his father's entrance into his niece, Allie’s (Jaeda Lily Miller) life.

When she meets her grandfather, her uncle cautions that he is not necessarily “a good person,” in light of his prison time.

The “When Calls the Heart” protector reveals to Elizabeth that his father pawned jewelry bought for his mother to pay gambling debts, and describes how gambling addiction soon robbed him of his job at the bank, and ultimately, his family. Allie knows about only “the first time” that her grandfather was in jail, and Nathan seeks Elizabeth’s advice on how to spare Allie from heartbreak. Elizabeth urges him to “let her explain how she's feeling.”

Nathan's father insists that he has “done my time,” and is ready for a new life. This is sure to be an unfolding and complicated story arc for “When Calls the Heart,” but also allows the drama to offer yet another affirming story of redemption.

Sweet fun on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Not everything is so complicated for Nathan, Elizabeth, and Allie. In another video snippet shared by Entertainment Tonight this week, Elizabeth prompts Nathan not to be so straight-laced while she and some of her girls are frosting cupcakes. A little sweet mess or a dollop on the nose never hurt anybody, including the Mountie on “When Calls the Heart.” The tender moment is a giggle.

Elizabeth Thornton has come a long way in the kitchen. The character was playfully teased about not being as skillful in the kitchen as she was in her classroom for several seasons. Now, her only faux pas may be that some of her dinner guests can’t tell whether the main dish is chicken or pork.

She certainly passed her test with cupcake frosting.

Erin Krakow and Kevin McGarry were together in the kitchen last Christmas on Hallmark Drama, too. They joined their “When Calls the Heart” castmates for the “Christmas Cookie Matchup” and got rave reviews from their real cook competitors.

Whether biting into one episode, or one cupcake, at a time, or a full batch of “When Calls the Heart” treasures from last season, March is turning out to be a real TV Shows treat.