Daniel Dae Kim looked dashing in his glasses while sitting on a panel for his new project, ABC’s “The Good Doctor.” Kim takes the executive producer chair for the new series, but not all the topics focused on the future.

Questions swirling over the failed salary negotiations between himself and Grace Park and network executives have consumed faithful fans of “Hawaii Five-O” throughout the summer. Many will have mixed emotions moving into Season 8 without two founding members of “Five-O.” The absence of Chin Ho Kelly is presumably going to be explained in the September 29 premiere, but replacing gifted talents of their caliber is impossible.

To feel the loss all because of dollars and cents makes the sting even greater.

Daniel Dae Kim didn’t bear grudges in his words to the Television Critics Association on Sunday, August 6, as reported by USA Today, but he did deliver some honest reflection about his ultimate decision to depart the island police drama after seven years.

Value beyond dollars

Daniel Dae Kim was the epitome of grace in the parting words that he shared with fans on Facebook just after his decision in June, expressing gratitude to all of his “Hawaii Five-O” family, and giving nods “especially to the cast,” whom he described as “nothing but supportive.”

The actor’s words on Sunday, August 6, were slightly more pointed. He elaborated that it was possible for a person to be “grateful for the opportunity” and “respectful of colleagues” and still feel the need to maintain “a steadfast sense of your own worth.” Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park sought parity status as actors that was never achieved.

Like many long-time favorite stars who have left to pursue different - not just greener - pastures, Kim gratefully counts “Hawaii Five-O” among the good things that have come to his life and career, and the man who is equally versatile behind the lens looks to the adventure of a new series.

Welcome home, again

Just last week, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were pictured together in Vancouver.

A little fun doesn't diminish this actor’s dedication to his craft.

“I couldn't be more excited to be back at ABC, where I started my career in earnest, on “Lost,” said an exuberant Kim.

There is a special connection in staying with a favorite series for seven years for Daniel Dae Kim. He was the earnest and at times ever-too-careful Jin Soo Kwon on “Lost.” His character’s simple and singular dream was owning his own restaurant, but like the others on board the doomed flight from Sydney, his story unraveled into tangles of heritage, betrayal, and espionage that could not be foreseen.

Kim stretched his creative wings on “Hawaii Five-O,” directing episodes, and being central to one of the most memorable and daring episodes ever for the elite force, single-handedly taking down an entirely corrupt prison. There were also heart-wrenching moments for Chin Ho Kelly, such as the murder of his beloved Melia, and his devotion to his niece, Sarah.

The multitalented star calls himself “content” to be behind the scenes on his new drama, which focuses on a supremely gifted autistic surgeon, portrayed by Freddie Highmore. “The Good Doctor” was developed by “House” creator, David Shore. Between two TV masters, the series should have a very good prognosis. All actors dream of taking a scene to higher places and Daniel Dae Kim doesn't deny that he won’t be starring in any future scenes sparring with Richard Schiff or Hill Harper. He admits that when the time is right, “I would love to play with them,” nodding to his new co-stars.

Here's to another seven-year start.