A lot of "90 Day Fiancé" fans do not have positive feelings about Rosemarie. After the latest episodes of the show, most of them think that she is only scamming Big Ed. Big Ed took Rosemarie shopping in the latest episode of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." When they finally settled on some items to purchase, Rosemarie grabbed his wallet and got money from it. She paid for the items and tipped the vendors herself. Rosemarie’s sister, Maria, also notably asked money from Big Ed when they first met. Maria told him to keep her request a secret from Rosemarie.

All these incidents do not sit well with Big Ed. According to him, it is starting to dawn on him that their relationship may be a scam. He thought that the wallet-grabbing and Maria’s request are both inappropriate, reports EOnline. However, the 54-year old reality star is willing to give Rosemarie the benefit of the doubt.

Big Ed visits Rosemarie in the Philippines

In the most recent episodes of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," Big Ed made the decision to fly to Manila, in the Philippines, to visit Rosemarie. The professional photographer worried a lot about their first meeting because he lied to her about multiple things in his life. He worried that these secrets could turn out to be deal-breakers for Rosemarie.

Refraining from telling her about how short he was, he told Rosemarie that he was 5’2” when he was 4’11” in reality. He also did not tell her about his plans to have a vasectomy. According to Big Ed, he has no plans to have another child. This could cause problems between the couple because Rosemarie wants to have a child with him.

The 23-year old Filipino was visibly shocked when she finally saw Big Ed in person. Rosemarie asked Big Ed about him lying about his height. Fortunately, it seemed that she eventually got over it. However, he has not opened up about his vasectomy plans yet.

His visit to the Philippines was also a big culture shock for him. It was incredibly hot in Rosemarie's home country and he struggled with the extreme temperature.

The visit to Rosemarie’s home also made Big Ed realize just how poor her girlfriend is. The fact that she does not even have a pajama touched his heart. This led to him taking her on a shopping spree.

Big Ed, Rosemarie on '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days'

It is safe to say that Big Ed and Rosemarie are not the most popular couple among "90 Day Fiancé" fans. Some fans slammed Big Ed for lying to Rosemarie about his height. There were also a few fans who blasted Rosemarie because it seems like she does not really love her boyfriend. Big Ed, however, has his own fans because they feel that he is one of the most genuine members of this season’s cast. For them, he has shown genuine love for Rosemarie and her 4-year old son, Prince.