The fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" has proved to be a hit with fans. One of the couples that fans have relished watching on the show is Lisa and Usman. The couple’s relationship has made for must-see TV, and they have quickly become a fan favorite. 54-year-old Lisa flew to Nigeria from the United States to be with her 30-year-old boyfriend. The couple met each other online and had dated for a while. After meeting each other in person, their relationship encountered several obstacles that fans have enjoyed seeing them navigate.

Now fans are waiting for Lisa and Sojaboy's mom's meeting, which is expected to happen in the next couple of episodes.

Lisa and Usman's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

The first hurdle in the couple’s relationship came immediately after Lisa arrived in Nigeria. The American accompanied her boyfriend to his house but was unimpressed with how he lived. Usman shares his residence with several other roommates, and his girlfriend was not happy that he did not have his place.

Lisa decided that she would stay at a hotel for the duration of her stay in Nigeria.

The American has not hidden her disappointment at what she terms as the deplorable living conditions in the country, although she has said she is willing to tolerate the conditions as long as she is with her boyfriend.

However, Usman has also had some complaints of his own about her. The 30-year-old has admitted that he is not physically attracted to her, saying that what he likes most about her is her personality. Another problem in the couple’s relationship has been Usman’s music career.

Going by the stage name “sojaboy,” Usman is a budding hip-hop artist in Nigeria.

The 30-year-old’s music career has caused plenty of friction between her and Lisa. The American has struggled to control her jealousy when her boyfriend gets any attention from his female fans. Meanwhile, on social media fans lost their temper with Lisa after the latest episode. They slammed Lisa for her attitude in the show.

In a previous episode, Usman revealed that he had composed a song about Lisa and had even shot a music video. However, Lisa was not happy that her boyfriend had shot the music video using a female model and forced him to edit her out.

Usman gave in to her demands, but the move may have hurt his music career. During last Sunday’s episode, Usman premiered the music video to the song titled “baby girl,” and his Nigerian fans were not impressed. Some of the fans present at the unveiling of the video called it boring.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' got furious

The fans also shared their opinions about Usman’s relationship with TLC producers, saying that he was only with Lisa because of her money. Lisa was not a fan of the female fans.

She did not like how they hovered around her man asking for pictures, and she accused them of acting like “lovesick puppies.” Her relationship with Usman could have some more twists and turns, as she will be meeting his family in the next episode.